What to pack for Hong Kong

As many of you know, we have been planning our trip to Hong Kong for several months now, and this month is the month! In just one short week, we will be flying Premium Economy with Air Canada to lovely Hong Kong from Seattle.

During our one-week adventure we will be visiting 4 different hotels, two theme parks, (Disneyland and Ocean Park) and spending time doing some pretty awesome tourist and local activities — one which includes ten thousand buddhas! Are you as excited as us?!

With our Disneyland visit in mind, we wanted to make sure we pack in style, and thanks to our friends at American Tourister, we were able to get our hands on a Mickey & Minnie Mouse spinner carry-on luggage.

Now, with our trip quickly approaching, we wanted to share with you a few items we are packing, and why we recommend them, especially on your travels Internationally, or to Hong Kong.

Depending on how you plan your trip to Hong Kong, the type of bag you decide to use can either make your trip torture, or smooth-sailing. For example, if you are planning on back-packing your way through the city, a nice sturdy waterproof pack may be best. If you are planning a family-friendly, business, or just a casual trip, a sturdy carry-on bag and a backpack will do just fine!

American Tourister 21″ spinner

This carry-on friendly hard case spinner bag is the perfect accessory for any trip, especially one overseas. American Tourister has a large selection of color and pattern options, in addition to some of your favorite characters. Since we have plans to spend one-night at the Disney Explorers Lodge and visit Hong Kong Disneyland, we thought the Mickey & Minnie Romance bag would add just the right touch!

This stylish bag has a split case construction with a large pocket and cross-straps. It also is a spinner bag, which means no more tripping over your luggage, it’ll move in whatever direction you move it.

Best of Hong Kong Traveller’s Guide

For figuring out where to go, having physical copies of maps and even a traveller’s guide is definitely one of the most recommended travel tips I have. No matter where we travel, whether it’s a few states over or to a country far away, I always carry maps and recommendations of the area.

Plus, many of these can be ordered online or even found at the airport upon arrival. In addition, these can be great resources to find discounts and coupons hidden in the book! Discover Hong Kong has many tips and travel information for visitors, including a variety of books and maps of popular areas.

Type G Power Adapter

Depending on where you are traveling, you may need a power adapter. For Hong Kong, the Type G plugs are used and if you plan on bringing any electronic devices with you, it’ll be very useful to have these handy. Although some hotels may carry these at the front desk for guests, it may not be an option everywhere.

To keep things less complicated, find what type of plug the country you are visiting uses and pick up one on Amazon. They are pretty easy to find, and usually you can find a pack for under $10. This link has a set of 3 for $8.49!

Contigo travel bottle

Staying hydrated is one of my most important tips when it comes to traveling. We often get so carried away with our agenda, that we forget to drink water. When traveling to foreign countries, like China, public water may not be as safe as that of the US, and drinking from the faucet may not be the best idea.

Keeping a travel bottle handy is a great way to fill up your bottle before leaving the hotel for the day and is a nice reminder to stay hydrated. The TWISTSEAL Eclipse stainless steel travel mug from Contigo is the perfect accessory for your bag when traveling. It has a vacuum seal that locks in your drink’s temperature, and a protective spout cover to help guard against dirt and germs. Plus, they have some pretty great designs, like this Paris theme.

Lugz slip-on sneakers

Probably one of the most important things to pack is good shoes! Try walking around Disneyland or hiking a heritage trail in Hong Kong in heels, nope — that’s not gonna work out well for anyone. When planning a trip, plan your shoes accordingly. If you’re thinking of a few dressy nights out, bring the heels, but also don’t forget the sneakers. Lugz has a wonderful collection of sneakers for walking.

Personally, I love their clipper oxford sneaker that is easy to slip-on and off without the worry for having to tie your laces. This style comes in both men and women sizes and a variety of color options.

Fujifilm instax mini 9

What’s your main reason for travel? Is it to explore the world and have fun or is it to create and capture memories? Is it to learn about culture, to visit family and friends? Whatever your reason for travel, having an instant print camera is the perfect way to immediately capture memories.

After all, having photos to record and share those special times are by far my favorite part of any trip! With the Fujifilm instax mini 9, you can take this lightweight and portable camera with you on every adventure. Each print cartridge holds 10 photos and allows for easy snapping of those awe-worthy moments.   

Olympus mirrorless digital camera

Piggy-backing off the previous tip, although I love having a instant camera handy, I do highly recommend having a digital camera packed. If you’re like me and are a photo-enthusiast you know how important it is to have a good camera, and that’s why I love using my OM-D E-M10 Mark III.

Recently, I switched over from my Nikon DSLR to this mirrorless camera, and I haven’t looked back. I am super excited to be bringing it on our trip to Hong Kong! When choosing a digital camera you want to make sure you have enough space on your memory card to hold the pictures you take. Additionally, a basic point and shoot may be all you need if you just want something simple to capture the moment, so you can bring home and share with the family.

Columbia rain jacket

Last but definitely not least is our friend, the rain jacket. Depending on if the forecast calls for rain, cold or sun, having a lightweight jacket is something I always recommend packing.

There have been countless times that I recall complaining I was cold or unexpected rain caught me off guard, and I was stuck with my one wet jacket. That’s why with a rain jacket, you can never go wrong. Columbia has a wide variety of jackets for the whole family, and some even fold up into the hand pockets for easy storage.

What to pack for Hong Kong


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