Located just 3 hours from the Seattle metro area, Lake Chelan is a wonderful weekend getaway any time of year, but summer season presents a plethora of things to do in the good weather, and it’s not too late to check out some of these fun activities before the white winter grabs hold of this lake town.

WineGirl Wines

One of several wineries that originated in the Lake Chelan area, WineGirl Wines prides itself on its onsite produced drinks that range from well known favorites like Pinot Gris to obscure gems like Bombarb. An outdoor grassy area with chairs is the perfect place to recline and sip your Merlot from the tasting menu.


Blueberry Hills Farms

Is the romantic image of wandering the fields and picking fruit truly irresistible to you? Then head over to Blueberry Hills and pick to your heart’s content. Family owned and operated, the name only covers part of the fun. Along with blueberries there’s blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, and even peaches available to grab.

Just pick as many as you like and weigh your bag at the entrance to see how much you owe. At $2.50 per pound for peaches and $1.50 per pound for the rest, it’s a deal compared to the grocery store. The field’s hours are 8am to 2:30pm, and the views can’t be missed.


Skagit Cellars

Within the mini mall of Manson sits Skagit Winery, a small venue full of flavor. Their main base is Burlington, and they have another tasting room in La Conner. But this cozy corner is a product of owners Mark and Gloria Hulst. Can be reserved for events.


Lakeview Drive In

There’s nothing like a juicy hamburger and cold drink while looking out on the lake in summer. The Lakeview Drive In offers both drive thru and sit down access, with delicious old fashioned Americana on a plate. The traditional hamburger and chicken burger were our loves, but the sneaky hit of the menu is the chicken salad. Be sure to get the crispy chicken, it’s stupendous!

Need lodging? The Lookout is the perfect spot for our next Chelan getaway!

All in all..

Wintertime may yield beautiful snowy landscapes and entail snuggling in front of a warm fire, but don’t let your wistful desires for colder weather get you down in summer.

Chelan is just as vibrant, if not more in the warmer months, and these attractions are just some of the many great things to do while enjoying yourself in the heart of Washington state.

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