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Sleep in a woodsy Treehouse at Mt Rainier Wellspring

Treehouse Mt Rainier Wellspring

We just discovered the most adorable rustic retreat for couples both young at heart, and those just looking for a woodsy adventure and it’s right in Washington!

Wellspring is located just a few miles from the Mount Rainier National Park entrance and offers a variety of lodging options that mainly consist of cabins. However, perched 15 feet above the ground sits a unique way of lodging and a dream come true for many.

Treehouse Mt Rainier Wellspring

The Wellspring Treehouse was recently renovated and sits sturdily high in the sky between two large fir trees with views of the grounds. This Mt Rainier Treehouse is your basic one room setup, with a large queen bed as you enter, small dining area and closet. The bathroom is down the spiral staircase, through the grassy path in an outhouse with a small shower, sink and toilet on the ground floor.

Treehouse Mt Rainier Wellspring

This is our second time at Wellspring, and we always love coming back to the property. It sits on a side strip of land off of the main National Park Highway. Last year we stayed in their log cabin that included a full kitchen, loft, indoor jacuzzi tub and fireplace. The Treehouse was a unique experience and perfect for a weekend getaway.

Treehouse Mt Rainier Wellspring

Upon entering the Treehouse area you wind around into a little private setting where you have two tree swings, and a table with some outdoor plate settings. Continue deeper and you’ll end up at a narrow windy staircase that takes you up to your little Treehouse.


The one thing I love most about the Wellspring Treehouse is the open windows and skylights throughout. Lay on the bed and you can see birds in the tree from the windows on the right, look up and see snow fall right onto the skylight.

Treehouse owl

Decorated with woodsy items from owl paintings to forest wallpaper, not to forget the large tree trunks throughout the ceiling, you’re sure to remember you’re 15 feet high in a tree. A small mini fridge and table with basic cutlery sits on the right side of the Treehouse, while a large wood armoire fills up the space on the left.

Mt Rainier spa

However, Wellspring is more than just cozy lodgings. They offer two Spa areas throughout the property where guests and non-guests can book hourly rentals to use the hot tubs, saunas and even opt in for a massage. We spent time in both of the Spa areas and loved them equally!

Treehouse Mt Rainier Wellspring

The Woodland Spa is surrounded by forest, while the Greenhouse Spa offers you more of a courtyard-type setting. Spa times are booked by appointment only and are privately rented to just your party. This is perfect for you to soak in the quietness of nature and escape from the crowds and technology.


All in all, Wellspring is a fantastic choice for both young and old, adventurous and laid back. With options of cabins, to the unique Wellspring Treehouse, you’re sure to find something for your whole family, or for just the two of you.

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