There are many sports fans want to express their fandom in extreme ways. The Northwest Company has plenty to offer for the supporter who needs more to show off with! Whether your enthusiasm for your team stays in your bedroom or extends beyond to the rest of your house and office, there’s practically no limit to what you can acquire.

From silk blankets, pillow covers, sheet sets, shower curtains, bath towels, backpacks, robes, steering covers are just some of the items available in the catalog.

For your morning/shower wear, there are robes featuring the colors and logos of any team you desire. The robe is large enough to easily cover a body of any size and is extremely comfortable to wear. The fabric is inordinately soft and looks good, too.

We got our hands on a Seahawks robe to wear not only during sit around the house and watch the game day, but also to wear during the off season to and support our team.

However, much of you may know that we are much more baseball fans than football, and that’s why we were stoked that they have Mariner gear too! It seems more and more football overrules baseball or soccer, leaving them in the dust. So I was pretty ticked that Northwest offered for more than just the football fans.

Since baseball season begins in late March, early April it is convenient to have a blanket with you as Washington weather can really be a hit and miss and when it’s cold.. man, it’s cold!

Northwest offers small and large Mariner’s blankets for both kid and adult. The one we got was a 50”x60” and sits nicely on your lap without taking up too much space. It also is made of 100% polyester so you know it’s nice and soft.

Don’t stop there — get yourself a Seahawk, Mariners or Sounders blanket or backpack for the game!

For over 30 years, the Northwest Company has been one of the leading Northwest companies that offer recognized and loved brands in sports, entertainment and lifestyle.

Last but not least, they have a “Northwest Cares” program where they donate 10% or more of their profit every year to over 150 recognized charitable organizations. Northwest also donates over 100,000 blankets per year.

This year stock up on some gear to support your local teams, both in Washington and out and check out all The Northwest Company has to offer.

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