Seattle Symphony

Anyone even mildly familiar with Star Wars can whistle, hum, or sing the immortal John Williams music that accompanies it. But have you ever wondered what it would be like to hear that music played live in front of you as you watch the film? Wonder no more.

The fabulous score is faithfully recreated by the Seattle Symphony orchestra and conducted by Laurence Loh. Not only is the film itself still a treat to watch after all these years, but the music is easily the most memorable and catchy element. To hear the music blasting around you in speakers is incomparable to hearing come from a real orchestra.

The outer hall contained a booth filled with merchandise, from the Blu-rays of the films to tee shirts. In addition, Delta Dental sponsored a photo area where attendants provided Jedi and Stormtrooper costumes. You could have your photo taken and printed there if you posted your photo on Instagram.

Seattle Symphony

Benaroya Hall itself is always a delight to visit and see a show in, and this evening proved the venue is no different in dazzle and presentation than it was before. The grand pipe organ was unfortunately obscured by the screen that had been drawn down to project the film image upon, but of course is on full display for any other event there. Otherwise, the decor and presentation is always top notch.

There’s a huge amount of floor seats that offer great comfort, but if you like an elevated view there are many wall boxes to choose from. The acoustics of the place are fantastic from any seat, and with a full concert band playing onstage it’s especially magical. Seeing any performance, symphony orchestra or not, is a treat here, and we fully recommend attending any event here.

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