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SIFF Film Festival 45th Year Runs Strong

Everybody who loves movies has their favorite recent blockbuster or romcom that they catch at the local multiplex. But if you’re a fan of more obscure films, or even those made internationally, it can be hard to find a place to see them in a local theatrical setting.

Thanks to the good folks at the Seattle International Film Festival, you don’t have to look any further to find films of all genres from all over the world, all at your fingertips, now playing at your local Seattle movie theater.

Seattle International Film Festival
Photo by Morgan Popp

Playing in select cinemas all around the Seattle area, SIFF runs year round, but hosts its world famous film festival from May 16 through June 9. Now running in its 45th year, SIFF proudly showcases movies that are a little off the beaten path.

You’re bound to see a few filmmakers or actors you recognize, but not necessarily in the types of films released to a wide audience. They are often much more personal, offbeat, or simply take risks that big release films wouldn’t necessarily take, and that kind of experience in the theater is much more rare, and rewarding.

Seattle International Film Festival
Photo by Morgan Popp

Another favorite thing I enjoy about attending film festivals is listening in on the Q&A that usually take place after the film. This year, there were a few films where Directors took part in a Q&A conversation with movie-goers after the film to share details you may not know otherwise. It’s very insightful and exciting for any film enthusiasts.

See the full SIFF schedule here..

With SIFF almost at its close we recommend you to get out and catch a few movies. 

Our 2019 SIFF Favorites:

Seattle International Film Festival

Sune vs Sune

This Swedish film is a jaunty, lighthearted look at the life of a typical 10 year old boy called Sune, who has the misfortune to receive a new classmate with the same name but more popularity with his fellow students!

Seattle International Film Festival

Rémi, Nobody’s Boy

A French film of extreme tenderness and heart, it follows the story of an orphaned boy named Rémi growing up poor on a farm, who is sold to Vitalis, a traveling entertainer of mysterious origins. However, as the story progresses it becomes clear Rémi has mysterious origins of his own, and he learns to find his voice both metaphorically and literally as he trains to become a singer in Vitalis’ act.

Seattle International Film Festival

The Art of Self-Defense

Big time actor Jesse Eisenberg stars in this small movie that takes after ‘Fight Club,’ delving into the negative effects of suppressed masculinity when his character joins a local dojo to learn karate.

Seattle International Film Festival

Official Secrets

The personal values of performing duty and serving the public come to a head in this espionage legal thriller, where big star Keira Knightley portrays a government worker who leaks top secret information exposing the US’s sinister efforts to gain international support for the unpopular Iraq war.

Seattle International Film Festival


A brutal, challenging movie from Turkey, ‘Saf’ explores the effects of gentrification in an urban Istanbul community, and asks hard questions like what kind of threat nearby Syrian immigrants could pose to lowering wages and job opportunities for native Turks.

Seattle International Film Festival

Them That Follow

The difficulties of living two lives come to a head in this tale of a woman in a cult who must hide her pregnancy from her judgmental fellow villagers. 

There’s still a week left before the festival ends, so keep a lookout for what interests you! See the full schedule here:

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