Gifts for Dad

This year Father’s Day is June 17 and what a better way to tell Dad you LOVE him by getting him something special. I often feel Dad’s get forgotten as Mom’s really steal in the spotlight. So for Father’s Day do something a little special for your Dad by looking into one of our favorite Gifts for Dad to tell him how great of a man he is. And give him this day to shine!

Here is some of our favorite Gifts for Dad for this year:

Gifts for Dad

BenQ, CineHome Series

Everyone loves a nice large home entertainment center, especially when it comes to Dad. That’s why we made sure to include BenQ’s new CineHome projector series so Dad can play his video games, watch movies and even his favorite sport games on larger than life projections. These projectors are pretty amazing and with outstanding colors, low input lag, customized game modes, built-in speakers and easy installation.

We have the  TH671ST and are beyond impressed by the quality, sound and even size of the projector. We use it for both gaming, movies and our baseball games. It expands our world and makes you feel like you’re really in the game! Start playing here.

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Gifts for Dad

SonicSport Headphones

Audio-technica’s new SonicSport wireless in-ear headphones pair great sound with great fit and freedom of movement to fuel your workout wherever it takes you. Whether Dad’s doing yard work, dishes or out for a run, your music won’t be left behind. The comfortable ear-hook design keeps the headphones securely in place so the powerful 9 mm drivers can deliver all the crystal-clear audio received through the Bluetooth wireless signal. It even has a built-in mic and controls conveniently built into the left housing.

These headphones come in yellow, black and blue and are small, sleek but produce impressive sound. It also includes interchangeable eartips so you can make sure its the right fit for you. The headphones are also waterproof! Listen up here.

Gifts for Dad

COBY Speakers

We all know Dad’s spend a lot of time in the shower, while they have to shave, and clean off all that dirt from yard work, car repairs and cleaning. So when Dad wants to take a nice shower while jamming to his favorite tunes or even listen to an audiobook, this water-resistant, compact speaker will be his best friend. It has a built-in suction cup, perfect for the bathroom, beach, pool, and even on-the-go!

This speaker also works great for doing chores and outdoor tasks too! It can resist dirt, water and all things that most people would fret when taking electronics outside. It also features a rubberized, rugged exterior for ultimate impact resistance. Check it out here.

Gifts for Dad

Two Rivers Coffee

Ahh.. that first sip of morning coffee. Coffee helps keep us alive, kicking and energized. That’s why it’s important to make sure Dad has all the coffee he needs to get his day done. Two Rivers Coffee currently offers a broad product line consisting of over 60 coffee products with standard popular coffee roasts, a myriad of flavored coffees, as well as a broad selection of teas and hot cocoas.

They have impeccable taste and have flavors unlike the norm you’d find in the stores. Some of our favorites include the Baileys French Vanilla and Workaholics Straight Grizzly! Grab some here. 

Gifts for Dad

Traeger Grills

Everyone knows, especially Dad that good meat comes from good seasoning, a good grill and a good chef (being him of course). Traeger Grills has been revolutionizing BBQ grilling and outdoor cooking for 30 years with one simple, all-encompassing cooking solution. Traeger pellet grills use 100% all natural hardwood fuel to infuse food with healthy and flavorful smoke, making food taste delicious and memorable.

In addition to grills, Traeger has sauces, rubs and more! We just love their most popular sauce, the Apricot! It’s tangy and sweet, with a little kick. Easily pour it on your meat and bam — you got yourself a pretty tasty meal! Start cooking here.

Take Dad to the Game

The Seattle Mariners are really good about putting on specials for different occasions. This Father’s Day the Mariners will be HOME in Seattle and being the middle of the Summer, I’m pretty sure we’ll have the roof open and some great sunshine to look forward to!

Celebrate dad by taking him out to the ballgame! The first 10,000 dads take home a handy Mariners BBQ Glove thanks to EQC. Get your tickets here.

Gifts for Dad

From the Heart

However, sometimes the best gifts are the ones that you make. Those will long be cherished and will live way longer than any speaker or grill. So this Father’s Day consider making your Dad a homemade gift that you made all by yourself (or with the help of your mom or siblings, especially if you’re younger).

I know my Dad still has gifts I made for him when I was just a toddler, and now 25 years later he has them hanging in his office. Get inspired here.

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