Wizard World Comic Con Portland

Strap in for a wild journey to places near and far to meet people typical and strange! The Wizard World Comic Con Portland is not a typical gathering of comic or pop culture enthusiasts. Whether you want to meet a celebrity from movies or television, or chat with a comic artist you admire, or even ride a mechanical shark, this con gives the nerd in you anything you could ask for. The floor of the convention hall is wide and layed out with plenty of celebrity booths, small shops, and even a stage for the occasional rock band show.

Since the floor is so big and the attendance was high, it was a little difficult to get from one place to another. Still, lines weren’t terribly long, and since the event went all day you just need to know what you want to see and when it will become unavailable.

For the most part, you can have a lot of fun just wandering around and discovering creators of content you never knew of. Half the novelty is checking out the extraordinary costumes the fellow visitors put together and wear, and trying to spot who is who and what character they’re supposed to be.

In addition to the attractions on the floor, the show included several panel discussions that cover the whole spectrum of nerd-dom. You want to attend a discussion on Superman and his changing role in comics over the past eighty years? They have you covered! That also goes for the celebrity guest panels, which this year included an enlightening conversation with Bonnie Wright from the Harry Potter films, and an absolutely riotous Billie Boyd from the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Lucky for you, Wizard World doesn’t sit still in one place. They travel all around so you don’t have to!

Some upcoming shows:


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