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Our Magical Mystery Tour of Liverpool & London

Magical Mystery Tour

As you may have noticed by peeking at our Whatโ€™s Next section on the sidebar of our website, the two of us are following the long and winding road and heading on a magical mystery tour of London and Liverpool.

Why, you may ask? Well, because life is about adventure, and why not follow in the steps of our most beloved band The Beatles. Roll up and get ready to explore the cities they made famous and weโ€™ve all learned to love (which is all you need!). Plus. thanks to Rick Steves and Eyewitness we have our guide books ready and are all set to go!

On Thursday, March 21 (tomorrow!) we are flying in from Miami Beach BOAC (or rather, Seattle Beach Icelandair!) to London, England. Then we will spend 2 lovely hard days nights in Liverpool (thanks to the Visit Liverpool staff) and 4 in London. Check out our fantastic lineup!

*Bonus points if you noticed all the Beatles references above ๐Ÿ˜‰

Magical Mystery Tour

Day 1, Liverpool

After a 3 hour train ride from the London airport to Liverpool, we will start our trip by visiting the Museum of Liverpool to take in the โ€˜Double Fantasy: John and Yokoโ€™ exhibition. Then weโ€™ll take a selfie at the famous Beatles Statue on the waterfront, and finally, we will end the night by soaking in live music at the Cavern Club, the underground nightclub that is the birthplace of The Beatles!

Magical Mystery Tour

Day 2, Liverpool

Weโ€™ll kick off the morning by visiting the fantastic Beatles Story museum which features an impressive collection of fascinating authentic memorabilia including original instruments, clothing, John Lennonโ€™s spectacles, Ringo Starrโ€™s drum kit, rare album sleeves, never-before-seen photography and original handwritten lyrics. Last but not least, weโ€™ll go on a Magical Mystery Tour Bus for a tour of Beatles Liverpool landmarks, taking in everything including the Beatles childhood homes, Strawberry Field, and the iconic Penny Lane. (We shall update if it indeed is in our ears and eyes, and if there really are blue suburban skies.)

Magical Mystery Tour

Day 3, Kensington

After another easy 3 hour journey back to London, we will take in the beautiful town of Kensington, West London. Weโ€™ll start our day in South Kensington, where we will stop and enjoy the sights of the famous Royal Albert Hall, and then head to Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. A casual stroll through the park will eventually lead to Kensington Palace, where we will visit this historic spot thatโ€™s been around since 1689! From there we will explore Notting Hill and see some of the Mews houses off of Gloucester Road.

Magical Mystery Tour

Day 4, Whitechapel

Art in Whitechapel, East End London. Did you know Whitechapel was known as one of the dodgiest towns in the city? Ever heard of The Whitechapel Murders? These were the streets where Jack The Ripper got his fame (or infamy!), in the late 1800โ€™s when poverty was at an all-time high. Today, Whitechapel is known as an artsy, hipster neighborhood, but if you look closely you can still see its gothic roots. The Whitechapel Gallery is a must-visit for any art-enthusiast, and itโ€™s on our list! After visiting the gallery, we plan to take in the town and check out all the magnificent street art. Weโ€™ve heard you can find some of the best art on the side streets off Brick Lane and around the Nomadic Community Garden and Village Underground. If youโ€™re into admiring historic architecture be sure to visit the Christ Church, Spitalfields, built in the early 1700โ€™s. After an eventful day, we will take the Underground to Westminster, where we will enjoy the highly anticipated Broadway musical โ€˜Wickedโ€™ at the Apollo Victoria Theatre.

Magical Mystery Tour

Day 5, Westminster & sit-UP awards

We will start our day by heading back to Westminster where we will explore Westminster Abbey, where royals have been crowned for over a thousand years. Then weโ€™ll take a peek at the nearby Houses of Parliament, where all official government business is held, and see the famous clock tower Big Ben. Weโ€™re keeping this day short, because this one is special for us. Starting at 1pm, we will be attending the TravMedia UK sit-UP event at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre where we will have the opportunity to chat with dozens of travel businesses and other fellow bloggers. But we highly anticipate the Awards Ceremony, where we just found out that Creatively Clo is shortlisted for the Rising Star of the Year award! What a huge honor this is just to be shortlisted, but winners will be announced that evening. Wish us luck!

Magical Mystery Tour

Day 6, City of London

For our last day, we will explore the City of London. Starting our morning is St. Paulโ€™s Cathedral and gardens, where we will visit this 1,400 year old building. Then we will spend a couple of hours exploring the Museum of London. Lastly, weโ€™ll make our way to London Wall road, where we will take in the historic London Wall walk, ending at Tower Hill, the Tower of London, and and a behind the machinery tour of Tower Bridge.

As you can tell, this is going to be a royal adventure, and we canโ€™t wait to share it with all of you!

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Bon voyage!


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