With NeverScrub Toilet Cleaner, you don’t have to worry about doing all that pesky scrubbing, or feel guilty for putting it off! NeverScrub cleans the toilet bowl every time you flush, leaving a clean toilet and less hassle. Cleaning the toilet is about as mundane a task as anyone could conceive. No one wants to have that chore and we put it off as long as we can.

The cleaner clips right on the back inside edge of your tank, and plugs its two hoses into the toilet’s interior pumps. It’s simple and easy, and makes for a no hassle installation. Then the cleaner does all the work. Just use the toilet normally, and when flushing, the cleaner sends the liquid cleaner into the bowl and swirls it around with the water.

Plus, it only requires a refill every month or so. This products provides maximum ease and minimal stress; easy installation, easy infrequent refill, and the result is a clean toilet to satisfy you or your guests.

The NeverScrub retails for $13, and a three pack of the refills retails at $25.99. For the price of a spotless toilet? Nice!

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