Mt Hood Adventure Park

Many locals or ski-goers may know of Mt Hood Skibowl as the closest ski resort to Portland with the largest night ski area. However, there is much more than meets the eye, especially in the summertime.

When the summer months hit and you’re still looking for a place to take the family, it can get tough to find something everybody can get into. Fortunately, the Mt. Hood Adventure Park rests right at the foot of the beautiful Mt Hood. Look no further for fun for the whole family in the sun. 

Mt Hood Adventure Park is located one 1,000-accessible acres in the Mt Hood National Forest and has over 20+ attractions.



Ski Lift

Not a ride per say, but on your way up the hill to the top of the Alpine Slide ride, you get treated to a ski lift ride as you ascend, with a great view of the slide as you go up. For anyone like Chloe who has never been on a ski lift before, it’s fun even as an otherwise typical journey up a mountain.

Batting Cage

For anyone who wants to get their swings in, there’s multiple cages to try out. Each pitches both baseballs and softballs from a pitching machine, and vary in speed according to the cage. So if you have youngsters that need slower pitches to hit, there’s a cage for them. Meanwhile if you’re an adult looking for a speedy challenge, there’s a cage for that as well. Happy hitting!

Mt Hood Adventure Park

Horseback Riding

Horse Riding was always a fun activity we’ve wanted to do, and here’s a great place to try it. Be sure to have a strong bottom, since you’ll be sitting on a hard saddle for at least half an hour!

Rock Wall

Ever tried climbing rocks? No? Then this is the perfect opportunity. With three different paths reflecting the difficulty of the climb, the rock wall is a great place to test your strength and skill. An easy, medium, and hard wall gives both a challenge, and if you conquer an easier difficulty, reclimb value!

Bungee Trampoline

More of an attraction for kids, but adults can enjoy it as well. Grab a hold of a bungee cord and jump to your heart’s content.

Mt Hood Adventure Park

Alpine Slide

Once you’ve reached the top you get treated to a ride down the slide in a sled, whose brakes you control. There are two slides for slower velocity riders and higher velocity riders, so choose depending on what speed you feel comfortable with.

Zip Line

If you’ve ever wanted a feeling close to flying then the zip line is for you. After strapping in you ride down the line at high speed for a few hundred feet, and feel like you’re zipping over the entire park in seconds.

Indy & Spirit Karts 

A personal favorite of any small town fair or theme park is the go karts, and there are several options at your disposal. If you like a typical smaller track, that’s available for teens and younger adults. If you want a bigger track, bigger karts and faster speeds, there’s another path for that. And even if you have kids there’s small scale karts on a closed course just for children.

Mt Hood Adventure Park


As long as you’re comfortable in finding your way around a foreign environment, this 4,300 square foot Maze is a fun puzzle to solve over a half hour.

Mini Golf and Disc Golf

Golfing to your heart’s content! Typical mini golf with both short and long putters so that people of all heights and ages can participate. The disc variety allows more open air environments, where frisbees are tossed as close to the goal as possible.

With a multitude of rides to have great fun on, all the while with the majestic image of Mt Hood behind your back, there’s no place better to take a family or group of friends than here.

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