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Metropolitan Grill: Best Steak in Seattle

Metropolitan Grill

Seattle has no shortage of places known for their steak. But we decided we wanted to try out the best steak in town … or so the Metropolitan Grill claims to be! Well, don’t just take their word for it, take ours too! The varieties listed alone could fill a large book.

Equally as extensive as the steaks is the wine list. No matter what your taste buds demand, they have a wine to pair with every steak you name. The staff has a sommelier on call to recommend the right wine for you. We were directed to a Betz Besoleil, which both went perfectly with the steak and was an exquisite variety just to sip on its own.

Metropolitan Grill

Opening up the meal is a solid appetizer list. For the Pacific Northwesterner, the oysters are a must. But if you’re less into seafood, we can’t push the french onion soup enough. It is without a doubt the best we’ve ever tasted, not too salty or soggy in the slightest.

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Metropolitan Grill

Steaks are the prime entree offering of the house, but there are alternatives if you prefer, including lobster and crab. However, this is a steakhouse through and through, and you’d sincerely be missing out if you went with something else to eat.

Metropolitan Grill

There’s not a bad choice on the menu, but if you’re with a friend or significant other, a solid option is the carved table side for two. The Met Long Bone Rib Eye not only breaks the scales at 40 ounces of meat, but it’s cooked to your exact specification and comes with a savory house steak sauce.

If you manage to make room for dessert, there’s an equal amount of mouth watering options. But the one with equal visual pizazz is the Bananas Foster, a banana, caramel and vanilla ice cream treat that’s flambeed right at your table makes for a dazzling display sure to make you leave the restaurant with a smile on your face.

Metropolitan Grill

With an impeccably dressed wait staff that’s equally well mannered, and housed in a building that looks historic but never feels out of fashion, the Met Grill will deliver you a tender, juicy flavor unmatched anywhere in town.

Written and managed by Chloe and Andrew of Seattle.

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