If fondue is a style of meal foreign to you, we have a treat for you. Step right into the Melting Pot Tacoma and have a try for yourself! This restaurant provides customers with a fabulous four course meal centered around dipping food items into melted pots of hot goodness.

We were not only impressed with the fancy booths and great atmosphere the restaurant provided, but also the depth and great variety the menu had to offer. There were specific meal orders one could have along with smaller sample style items, and salads or desserts that could be received a la carte.

The best deal was the four course meal, which runs the whole gamut from appetizer to salad to main course to dessert. The key word for a night at the Melting Pot is choice. Every item has customization reserved for it, so you can construct just the meal you want.

The first course comes with a choice of cheese to dip starter items in, like vegetables or fruits, along with bread pieces, and pepperoni or sausage. The cheese list was extensive and had us wishing for more visits to try their many tantalizing offers!

We decided on the loaded baked potato cheddar, which not only delivered on a tasty cheddar flavor, but was fresh made in front of us in the fondue by our waitress, including bacon bits, onions, and a special sauce they make. It added a unique flavor to the foods we dipped in it and almost was like a sandwich without the carbs of the bread, so like a streamlined lunch or the perfect snack.

The second course provides a break from the fondue with your choice of several different salads, notably a delicious house salad that includes the house’s own dressing. Again, there is variety in the different salads you can have, including the classics like Caesar, and unique ones like the strawberry almond.

Melting Pot Tacoma

The third course allows you a choice of several meats to eat, including several kinds of steak, chicken, and even shrimp and duck. The chosen meal typically has three or four of the item and different styles of meal. For example, the ‘’Pacific Rim” includes a more Asian-seafood flavor by including shrimp, duck, and pot stickers. Or the “French Quarter,” which has filet mignon, chicken, shrimp, and sausage, all spiced with a Cajun style broth.

When you’ve chosen, they bring on the broth that you cook the food in yourself for however long you like, and plenty of dipping sauces to try them in. But don’t have too much to eat for the main course, because following that is chocolate fondue, a dessert lover’s dream. Again, there are choices abound here, as you can go with a more conventional straight chocolate sauce, or you can get creative and try the Bananas Foster, the Rocky Road, the Almond Bliss, or our favorite, the S’mores.

Even if you aren’t satisfied with those, you have the option to create your own. And all that doesn’t even get into the many drinks offered. Whether it be wine, beer, cocktail, or dessert drink you crave, they have you covered.

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