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All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney

Over the last five years, Creatively Clo has truly blossomed and with the help of her partner Andrew, Creatively Clo hits close to 70,000 views monthly. This website focuses on travel, entertainment and seasonal gift guides.

Chloe is a successful writer and editor and has been featured on many publications such as the Huffington Post. Some career highlights include interviews with Lifetime Achievement Award winner Nichelle Nichols, Grammy Award Winners, Plain White T’s and Golden Globe Award winner for multiple awards, Ruth Negga.

This successful duo is a small but motivated team that is always willing to assist both small and large companies with marketing in a smooth, timely manner.

Brand Experience

We have worked with many top luxury brands and have helped small businesses blossom. We specialize in travel and entertainment and are often traveling and creating new adventure pieces for our readers.

Whether we are in Hawaii, sipping mai tais under the palm trees or in China exploring the Great Wall, we always provide daily updates, and photographs for our readers. We partner with an average of 50 tourism bureaus, hotels and restaurants annually, and always thrive to leave them satisfied and often coming back for return visits and a lasting relationship.

In addition to travel, Creatively Clo covers live performances and have worked with a variety of local and national performing arts centers including Broadway and Cirque du Solei to promote and enlighten our readers with pre- and post-coverage articles.

Rate Sheet

We offer special promos throughout the year, where we feature our clients for free or at a discounted price. For most consumer-type products we offer social media shares, promotion and roundup features. These start at $125 and go up based on sidebar and sponsorship options.

For hotels, restaurants and other entertainment and travel related features, we ask for trade requests in order for a feature. Trade can include: complimentary hotel stay, on-the-house dining opportunities, media/press tickets to an event for coverage, etc. At the end of the day, we are usually pretty flexible and can find a way to work with you, so don’t hesitate to reach out

Feel free to contact us at chloemarchant@creativelyclo.com

*Full media kit available upon request.

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