Hopefully you all have heard about Enchant Christmas by now, and with only a few days left to enjoy the attractions I wanted to share some fun Instagramable spots throughout the maze.

If you aren’t familiar with Enchant, this is the grand lighting display that is taking over T-Mobile Park for the holidays. Offering not only thousands of lights, but also a Christmas market, ice skating, time with Santa and even a large maze to explore and get some pretty epic photos in.

Here are some of our favorite spots!

Instagramable Enchant

Hop on the train, after finding this lost toy, tucked away in the middle of the maze, not far from the ‘heart’ photo op!

Instagramable Enchant

White trees surround the main entrance to the maze, grab a photo once you enter. Use the backdrop of the ice skating rink to add more pizzazz!

Be sure to read all about Enchant Christmas Seattle has to offer! 

Instagramable Enchant

Trees are always great for photos, especially colorful ones! Look for these shortly after entering.

Instagramable Enchant

Near the ice skating rink to the right after entering the maze you’ll find this beauty! If you’re patient you may be able to get an empty shot.

Instagramable Enchant

Hidden in the middle of the maze is this wonderful ‘heart’ photo op! There may be a line, so be prepared to wait, but it’s worth it.

We hope you enjoyed these! Now, be sure to book your ticket to Enchant before it closes on Dec. 29.

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