Mt. Baker Lodging
Mt. Shuksan seen from the Mt. Baker ski area

As a kid, living in Seattle, it was always a rarity to get to see snowfall around the winter holidays. One year, I pleaded with my parents to take the family somewhere where there was sure to be snow, and their choice was a cozy cabin at Mount Baker Lodging. All these years later, we returned for a weekend getaway from the city, and it was every bit as nostalgic as it was comforting.

Mt. Baker Lodging

Mt. Rainier is the popular destination for mountain excursions in the Pacific Northwest, but that shouldn’t take your sights off Mt. Baker. It’s not as highly trafficked or used, and therefore gives a greater guarantee of privacy, isolation, and closeness with the nature. The best of the area is in Glacier Springs, within a beautiful neighborhood of other cabins yet isolated enough to make anyone feel welcome.

Our cabin sat on a small hill looking over a frosty forest, with enormous glass doors and windows providing the view. A covered area sits next to the side door for a vehicle and firewood, so they wouldn’t get wet or covered in snow. The cabin is organized like an open loft with two floors, but has a closed off bedroom on the first floor if privacy is required.

Along with the first floor bedroom, there are two double beds on the second floor, and a futon on the first that can turn into a bed in a pinch. Each floor has its own bathroom, so no need to wait in line when you have to go! The first floor bathroom has a shower while the second floor has a bath, so you can bathe yourself in whatever way you like.

The living area is an open room with a full kitchen and dining table, futon, coffee table, tv, and fireplace. The fireplace is the perfect place to curl up in front of first thing in the morning or after a long day of hiking.

The television is a modern flat screen with a DVD/VHS player, and the owner has provided plenty of DVDs and VHS tapes for you to watch, but of course you can always bring your own. There’s even an additional DVD/VHS player upstairs, but the tv is an old fashioned CRT model, for a real blast from the past!

The downstairs has a cabinet filled with puzzles, and board games. Plus, next to the movies you can find quite a selection of books to read. But, to keep things modern, there is even a wifi router inside the cabin for connecting with friends and movie streaming.

One unique thing about this cabin is that the owners decided to go a little ‘moose crazy,’ so to speak. The cabin is decorated with moose art, stuffed animals, dishes, and even a beautiful moose stencil that goes around the whole downstairs area. It makes for a fun time counting how much moose’s you can find in the home.

When you’re done marveling the inside, just steps from the glass doors is the outdoor hot tub. You might want to bring some flip flops or comfy sneakers when walking to and from it, but if you can handle the snow on your feet, it’s an extra special relief when you lower yourself in! During the summer, there’s a barbecue where you can cook up some dogs or burgers.

My parents are very attached to their dog, and hated to leave her behind for the weekend. But luckily this cabin is pet friendly, and with plenty of walking and hiking opportunities nearby, you’ll want to bring your pet to take advantage of the great outdoors.

Great for all seasons and a delight to relax in, Mt. Baker Lodging has cabins of all sizes and is practically beckoning you to stay any weekend of the year. If you’re looking for a road less traveled or just something different, it’s sure to deliver a fun time for all.


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