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Inside Look: Wander Your Way, Loews Hotel 1000

Loews Hotel 1000

From the moment you drive up to the front of the hotel and step through the enormous revolving door into the fancy lobby, you know that your stay is going to be a good one. Loews Hotel 1000 has so much to offer in even a simple weekend that you can’t miss out on.

Valet parking is available, so you don’t have to worry about finding street parking for your vehicle. Entering the lobby for the first time is a treat, as you get a look at the high ceilings with the narrow glass lights. The front desk is made of marble and the black and white themed decor makes the room look even larger. It’s an appropriate way to open your stay, as this attractive decor is consistent throughout the hotel.

Loews Hotel 1000

Next to the lobby is the Bell Lounge and golf simulation room, where you can kick back and relax while getting ready to leave, or just have some time to hang around. The lobby has its own wifi, so when you’re not in your room you can still connect to the internet.

Our room was on the 8th floor and overlooked downtown, with a great view of the waterfront, First Avenue, and the historic post office building. With tall windows and a comfy couch adjacent, it’s the perfect place to recline while watching the street below.

Loews Hotel 1000

The bed is a king sized beauty to sleep on, with a flat screen tv large enough to see from anywhere in the room. Complimentary coffee pods are provided if you need that kick to start your day, and if other snacks tickle your fancy, there is a sidebar of items at extra charge.

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Loews Hotel 1000

The bathroom is not only comforting, but expansive as well, with both a tub and shower. The bath itself is big enough for two, and continuing the fancy theme, fills its water from a spout in the ceiling! If you need a fancier type of bath, the spa is open almost all day, and even offers guests special tub treatments that can be delivered straight to your room for you to soak and enjoy.

Loews Hotel 1000

In addition to all that, you can’t forget that Loews is located in the heart of downtown Seattle, mere minutes of walking away from some of the Emerald City’s most famous landmarks. When you’re done marveling the hotel’s interior, you’ll want to get outside and engage in the hotels new promo Wander Your Way.

Loews Hotel 1000

Wander Your Way packages:

Embrace or Escape

  • Rainy day? No problem! Experience MOHAI, MoPOP, Frye Art Museum, SAM to soak in the culture of Seattle’s art and history scene without getting soaked.
  • Take the Victoria Clipper to our northern neighbor for a magical escape filled with castles, gorgeous gardens, poutine and marvel worthy architecture.

Discover or Recover

  • Unearth Seattle’s historical roots on an intriguing, beneath the streets underground tour. You’ll go through subterranean tunnels, and take in tales from Seattle’s past.
  • Enjoy a relaxing day of golf sans the rain at The Virtual Golf Club on the resort level. Tee off at one of over 50 of the world’s best golf courses.

Family Time or Couple’s Retreat

  • Curiosity and play go hand in hand. Wander through the Pacific Science Center, complete with a planetarium, laser dome and IMAX theater. The best part? The butterfly exhibit.
  • Enjoy a relaxing couple’s massage therapy treatment at the Spa at Hotel 1000, complete with a sparkling wine welcome, a variety of treatments and a relaxing foot soak and dry sauna.

Sleep In or Wake Up Call

  • Seattle’s amazing speakeasy scene is the perfect reason to need to sleep the next day. Enjoy sunset at the top of the Smith Tower and then visit other iconic locations like Needle and Thread, Knee High Stocking Co, and Bath Tub Gin.
  • Locals know that the best time to experience Pike Place Market is early in the morning. No lines, no crowds, and you can have you pick of the best the market has to offer and experience the original Starbucks with the shortest line it will have all day.

Loews Hotel 1000

For our Wander Your Way, we decided to Discover the beautiful city of Seattle, and topped it all off with dinner at the All Water Seafood & Oyster Bar, located on the lobby level of the hotel.

Loews Hotel 1000

In spite of the month being March, we were fortunate to have a bright sunny day that was perfect for walking. Ambling our way downtown, just ten minutes away was the famous Pike Place Market. Then following the waterfront, a few minutes later we found ourselves at the beautiful Olympic Sculpture Park, which contained the best view of the water.

Loews Hotel 1000

After that, it was just a few minutes up the hill to Queen Anne, where the historic SIFF Uptown Cinema sits, and you can catch a movie. Across the street is the perfect spot for lunch at Dick’s, Seattle’s most famous homegrown burger joint! Be sure to try a milkshake.

Loews Hotel 1000

A couple blocks past that is the Seattle Center, where we could check out Seattle’s most famous building, the Space Needle (they also just recently renovated!). Adjacent is the Pacific Science Center, which has not just informative scientific exhibits, but also the beautiful Tropical Butterfly House.

Loews Hotel 1000

As evident from all that can be seen mere minutes from its downtown Seattle location, the opportunities for staying in the Loews Hotel 1000 are practically endless. The next time you pass through or stay in town, be sure to stop by for a stay to remember.

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Loews Hotel 1000

Don’t forget to stop in for dinner or drinks at the All Water Seafood & Oyster Bar. High class, great food, and a central downtown location, combine for one of the top seafood experiences in Seattle.

The Pacific Northwest is known for its cuisine deriving largely from the nearby sea, and the All Water is no exception. But don’t let that deter you if you’re not into seafood, there’s plenty of land-based food and a full bar on hand to satisfy your taste buds.

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