HP Envy x360

Friends, I am pretty excited to announce the new HP Envy x360 laptops, and for a limited time through July 28 you can save $100 when purchased through our Best Buy link! I’ve always been a Windows girl and owning my own business I need to always be prepared with a slim speedy laptop at the ready.

The HP Envy x360 laptops are 2-in-1 devices that can transfer from a laptop to a tablet in seconds. No more having to drag around both your laptop and tablet, this thing got it all together for you! The 360° flip-and-fold design makes it easy to switch between laptop to tablet for both personal use and presentations.

My favorite part is the touch-screen, as these laptops come with Windows Ink capabilities and a Windows operating system so you can write on the screen with your stylus.

Currently, I have a touch-screen Windows laptop that I adore, but it is a little bulky and definitely not a 2-in-1. When I go on trips, I need to always carry both my tablet and laptop, as most of my getaways involve being able to respond to emails, check the calendar and update the website and of course take notes.

With the HP Envy x360, AMD processors it makes these laptops fast and thin so you can take them with you anywhere you go without the bulk of having to troop around two devices, plus the lag of normal laptop start-up speeds.

HP Envy x360

This laptop runs on the new Windows 10 operating system which brings back the Start Menu from Windows 7 and showcases new features such as the Edge Web browser that allows you to markup Webpages right on your screen! This is very beneficial for both my website and I can markup charges for my partner to make for me and also suggestions for designs and headers.

My partner also is a full-time University student and having a device like this would make his life a lot easier when it comes to communicating with professors and other students. Windows Ink, which uses the stylus, offers many features that make it easy for note taking and visual learning without having the distraction of looking for notes in the middle of class or before an exam. Just quickly review everything you need at the touch of a button.

The HP Envy comes in two sizes, 13 inch and 15 inch and boasts a 1920 x 1080 resolution with impressive color and clarity.  The HD screen has IPS technology for wide viewing angles and an energy-efficient WLED backlight.

If you’re like me, you enjoy having a good memory option. I often find myself working so quickly with much programs open. That’s why the HP Envy offers a large 8 GB system memory for advanced multitasking, which allows for your computer to run quickly and smoothly from word processing to video-editing. No more having to close each program or Web tab before opening a new one, its substantial high-bandwidth RAM has you covered!

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