Gifts for Foodies

SodaStream Fizzi One Touch

Ever wished you had a fresh sparkling, bubbly drink at your finger tips? Well, now you can! The SodaStream Fizzi One Touch is the newest line from SodaStream and offers fresh sparkling water with the touch of a button. Their electric sparkling water maker takes your tap water from flat to fizzed in seconds with 3 levels of carbonation to choose from. It’s like having a personal bubbly butler! Pair it with some fun flavorings to give it a unique twist and flavor.

For me, I enjoy having the Fizzi for when the kids come over. Simply fill the plastic bottle with water, push the button, fill the glasses and add some flavoring. The kids love it and it’s healthy and easy.

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Heritage Distilling

This amazing Seattle-based company, known for their Brown Sugar Bourbon has something worth toasting about this winter. Heritage Distilling has some pretty fancy gift packs for everyone in your family. Our favorite is their BSB cocoa gift pack, which includes their BSB Brown Sugar Bourbon, cocoa sante parisien hot cocoa mix, an instant hot cocoa with rich dark chocolate flakes and vanilla, and two ceramic Heritage logo mugs. This is truly the best way to enjoy your cocoa on a cold winter night.

Heritage Distilling has a wide variety of gift sets for both him and her featuring their BSB, vodka, whisky, and even gin!

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Moore’s Marinades & Sauces

The holidays are here, which means lots of fun entertaining.

But chances are, you don’t know how easy using Moore’s marinades and sauces can make your cooking prep!

Moore’s makes cooking easy – their sauces are so versatile and full of flavor, that the cook just needs to add a few basic ingredients to make delicious recipes – from appetizers to the main course.

Check out their website for some fun ideas to create the perfect holiday party.

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Elvis Cabernet Sauvignon

Winemaker Lot18 has teamed up with Elvis Presley Enterprises LLC, to produce a limited-edition Cabernet Sauvignon to celebrate the iconic singer and the 50th anniversary of his legendary ‘68 Comeback Special.

This limited edition wine launches just in time for the holidays and makes a great gift for fans of the famed cultural icon, memorabilia collectors and anyone who simply enjoys a good bottle of wine.

These collectible bottles can be ordered exclusively at while supplies last. The wine was carefully crafted by the team at Lot18 to celebrate the famous icon’s life and music.

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The Spice Lab

For any chef on your gift list, The Spice Lab rubs are carefully blended to enhance the flavor of your favorite meat, whether it be fish, steak or chicken! It’s an excellent spice mix to for grilling or baking!

The BBQ gift set includes four shaker jars: Bad to the Bone, Sweet Rib Rub, Smokey Pecan Rib Rub and Ancho Chili & Coffee.

In addition to the BBQ gift set, they also have a variety of gift sets for your chefs favorites, like the Mediterranean gift set, which boosts flavors of the Mediterranean like citrus, spicy Italian, onion and garlic and even a Sicilian blend for an all-around seasoning.

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Unicorn Cookbook

The Easy to Bake Unicorn Cookbook would love to be considered for your gift guide.

This charming insta-worthy cookbook is full of easy to bake recipes perfect to do with your kids, friends or grandchildren!

It’s 90 pages of full color fun, with 30 homespun recipes that are sure to the the next rainbow unicorn classics.

The pages are dripping with 80’s nostalgia and filled with tales of baking in our mom’s cherry colored kitchen. Best of all it’s kid tested and mother approved!

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Aervana Essential

Seattle-based Aervana is the first, one-touch luxury wine aerator.

Their newest product, Aervana Essential was launched just in time for the holidays!

The Essential providing the same amazing instant aeration for wines that need to breathe, in a fresh, contemporary format for everyday wine drinkers.

Aerating wine so that you can enjoy its fullest flavor isn’t just for the die-hards anymore; the Aervana Essential doubles as a personal tap and wine aerator, making it fun, easy and affordable to get that much more from every glass.

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Everyone loves popcorn, and during the holidays it’s the perfect treat to gift that sweet person in your life.

Popcornopolis blend the nostalgic flavors of old-fashioned caramel, real cheddar cheese and confectioner’s chocolate into mouth-watering treats! Rather than put in preservatives, they designed this cool cone to keep your popcorn fresh for months and makes a beautiful and memorable gift.

Whatever the occasion, Popcornopolis has gourmet popcorn gifts for all tastes and budgets ranging from their gift baskets to sampler boxes.

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Wine On Sale

This simple and convenient way to gift wine is the perfect gift for any wino in your life! Wine On Sale, offers a variety of high quality wines that we are sold at the lowest possible prices.

All of their wines are on sale and have had their retail prices slashed up to 70% off to pass as much savings onto you as possible.

This holiday season they have a variety of gift sets that will sure to please. From gift set variety packs to sets paired with matching glasses, you’ll be sure to find something you love.

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Two Rivers Flavored Coffee Variety Pack

Ahh.. that smell of good ole’ morning coffee. Thanks to Two Rivers, they have an awesome flavored coffee variety pack sampler that is perfect for the coffee lover in your life! It allows them to enjoy and try out a wide selection of Two Rivers coffees without buying different boxes.

This sampler box lets them choose a different flavored coffee every day. Choice tastes better! This variety pack includes brands like: Brooklyn Bean, Friendly’s, Hamilton Mills, Java Factory and much more!

Plus, the coffee includes some delightful flavoring like chocolate, cinnamon, pumpkin, maple and more.

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Gourmet Gift Basket

At the very heart of Gourmet Gift Baskets is their core value of providing you gifts and gift baskets with exceptional gourmet ingredients. Carrying only the finest quality ingredients for their handcrafted baskets from trusted brands like Ghirardelli Chocolate, Stonewall Kitchen, Cabot Creamery, and Lindt & Sprüngli; Gourmet Gift Baskets is the perfect gift for anyone on your list.

They provide exceptional handcrafted gifts for all of life’s special occasions. The variety is endless, you can choose from chocolate, wine, beer, popcorn, fruit, cheese and more! No matter what your giftee enjoys this is the gift to sure put a smile on their face!

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Martha & Marley Spoon

Cooking should be a pleasure, and Martha & Marley Spoon know that with full lives and busy schedules, it can be a challenge. To help make weeknights easier and dinners more delicious, Martha & Marley Spoon takes thousands of dishes they’ve created and deliver them right to your door and offer 10 recipes to choose from every week.

They have a wide variety of yummy dinner options, so you’ll always find something for everyone at your table, including kid-friendly dishes, healthy eats, gluten-free recipes, and more! In addition, they always look at bringing back top-rated dishes so you can cook them again and again.

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The Smirnoff brand that boasts the world’s number-one selling premium spirit and the top-selling flavored vodka in North America, traces its heritage back to 19th century Russia. As the most awarded vodka brand in the world, Smirnoff has always been known for quality and is enjoyed responsibly in 130 countries around the world.

Their fun and twisted Smirnoff Peppermint Twist has always been a holiday favorite of ours! It is full of deliciously cool and sweet candied peppermint aroma. Perfect as a chilled shot or creatively mixed in your favorite holiday cocktail, and of course, a candy cane garnish is a must!

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Perfect for the culinary enthusiast in your life, Carapelli Olive Oils are inspired by Italian heritage with respect for nature.

Designed to lift a cook out of the everyday, the spirit of Carapelli is to actively care, to nurture and to prepare with quality and artistry. The extra virgin olive oils are Non-GMO and are available in three premium varieties. The original Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil offers a soft and fruity flavor with a touch of apple and almonds while the Unfiltered Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is dense and nutty, incorporating light pulp from the olives. The elegant yet simple Carapelli Oro Verde Extra Virgin blend has a peppery and fresh taste.

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DiamoTech is an aluminum and ceramic cookware that will make your life so much easier. The secret is DiamoTech’s innovative 4 layer design. They start with quality enforced aluminum for uniform heat distribution. Then apply high temperature outer coating that is scratch and abrasive resistant. Next they apply a quality ceramic inner coating infused with DiamoTech’s natural composition for high grade hardness and durability and finish with their signature European top coat for a silky smooth yet strong surface.

DiamoTech not only cooks better but it looks better due to its panther black color with jewel tone sparkles!

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For your friends that like to cook, but still prefer simple, Dinnerly has just the thing! At just $4.99 per serving, it is designed with affordable, 30-minute weeknight cooking in mind. Pre-portioned ingredients and digital recipe cards combine to help cook unfussy, satisfying dinners that everyone around the table can enjoy.

It is designed to help address the everyday cooking challenges of adults aged 25-55, a demographic that represents a generation of Americans who earn less than their parents but work longer hours. In addition to Dinnerly’s market-leading price, it offers quality ingredients such as grass-fed ground beef and antibiotic-free chicken.

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One of our favorites, and known for sourcing ingredients directly from independent producers, a HelloFresh box is sure to cheer up someones day! They deliver top quality products nationwide, making sure your loved one is having a delicious fresh meal. Their service is super simple, just choose your box based on your dietary preferences, schedule and household size and it’ll be delivered to your doorstep!

Unsure how often you want to send them? You can modify or cancel at anytime. Whether your giftee is a vegetarian, on a low-calorie diet, HelloFresh has recipes they will love. Food isn’t their thing? HelloFresh also has a wine delivery box too!

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A delicious treat for the holiday season, Godiva’s adorable Santa Box is filled with eight individually wrapped chocolate truffles in red and green seasonal foil, including four milk chocolates and four dark chocolates. Tuck inside a few stockings, slip under the tree, or present to friends at work.

This gift will delight young and old alike! The chocolate Santa box is the perfect alternative to the classic chocolate foil Santa. The colorful box and the festive green and red wrapped chocolate truffles will put them in the Christmas spirit.

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Plush Puffs Marshmallows

These handmade, all natural, low-fat intensely flavored marshmallows are good enough to eat straight out of the package, and even more delicious when melted in hot drinks. Just drop them right in your cup and enjoy!

Guests and giftees will love indulging in Plush Puffs flavors like Simply S’mores, Lemony Meringe, Chocolate Chipetta, Peppi-Mint and more!

Plus Puffs has a wide variety of flavors and in addition to these cute 4oz boxes, they also come in 2lb bulk bags, giant marshmallows and mug toppers. They’re perfect for friends, family, coworkers or anyone else on your list!

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Kuhn Rikon Knife Set

From colors straight out of the rainbow, Kuhn Rikon’s Colori+ culinary knife sets offer convenience through their sharpness, secure-grip handles, and lightweight design, making all of your kitchen prep tasks a breeze.

This set contains a Chef’s Knife, Paring Knife, and Serrated Paring Knife. A versatile trio to guide you through your daily kitchen routine.

Each knife has a hand-sharpened Japanese stainless steel blade with a colorful ergonomic handle and matching safety sheath. Japanese stainless steel blades are super sharp, making short work of cooking tasks.

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Ragu Simply

This new line of flavorful pasta sauces with no added sugar and 100 percent olive oil. The result is a simply delicious taste from simple ingredients like vine-ripened tomatoes, carrots, bell peppers, zucchini, onions and spices.

Ragu Simply contains no artificial colors, no artificial flavors and no high-fructose corn syrup.

The sauce has four varieties: Traditional, Chunky Garden Vegetable, Chunky Marinara and Flavored with Meat.

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Cork Pops

Perfect for wine lovers, this company strives to continue to introduce innovative products to more than 3,000 retailers across the country. Their products include corkscrews, bar towels, bar accessories, glassware and much more. They are known for the original Cork Pop bottle opener and best-selling vinOair.

Our favorite is the VinOice wine chiller and pourer allows for easy, drip-free pouring with one hand! To use the VinOice wine chiller, simply place the stainless steel chill rod into the freezer at least 30 minutes before use. Then, pour one glass of wine to create enough room in the wine bottle to insert the chill rod. Perfect for parties and holiday gathering.

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Squish collapsible kitchen products make today’s storage challenges disappear in one second … flat. Brightly colored, two-toned accents add whimsy and vitality to patented designs, and intelligent features anticipate the needs of the most exacting home chefs.

The collection currently includes an assortment of colanders, mixing bowls, over-the-sink items, and kitchen tools and gadgets. Strategic features like gently curved rims, thoughtfully-placed pour spouts, smooth interiors, generous drainage holes, and bases and handles with non-slip grips ensure that each Squish product performs as well as its non-collapsible counterpart.

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Oster Air Fryer

Enjoy the taste and texture of your favorite fried foods, without the guilt.

The Oster DuraCeramic Air Fryer cooks food using just a tablespoon of oil, for a lower-fat alternative to your favorite fried foods.

Just place food in the fryer and choose your setting. The unique tilt function tumbles food for even cooking without crushing or manual turning, while constant circulating heat and adjustable temperature control ensure the perfect crispiness every time. More than an electric air fryer, this appliance also grills, bakes, sautés, and roasts.

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This popular coffee liqueur is perfect to mix to create both iced and warm beverages.

Perfecting liqueur since 1936, Kahlua is crafted from the finest ingredients that grow side by side in rural Veracruz, Mexico.

The actual word Kahlúa has ties to ancient Arabic languages and is said to be slang for coffee.

Today, they have expanded and now have a wide selection of flavored drinks like vanilla, salted caramel, chili chocolate, mint mocha and matcha.

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Polaner Fruit & Maple Spread

This holiday, treat your friends and family to a dessert that will bring back fond memories of years-gone-by. Polaner, a leading national brand of fruit spreads, jams and jellies since the late 1800s, is excited to announce Polaner Fruit & Maple premium fruit spread is now available for purchase in key markets. This unique product is sweetened with golden delicate Maple Grove Farms pure maple syrup and is available in four luscious flavors.

Polaner Fruit & Maple has no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial flavors and no artificial colors. This premium line of fruit and maple spreads is also gluten free and kosher.

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Bumbleberry Farms

This woman owned business is transforming honey cultivation. Their unique approach helps promote a healthy environment while also supporting community development.

Their hand crafted, artisan honeys come in innovative flavors, like their Heritage Honey Cream Spreads: Lovers leap old world sea salt caramel, Squirrel Crazy pancakes and maple syrup, Sticky Buns cinnamon slathered in icing, and Molten Lava deep chocolate fudge spice. As gifts or integrated into holiday recipes, Bumbleberry Farms adds a little sweetness to the holidays.

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This unique business model is based on a virtuous circle. Funds from regular NakedWines customers (called “Angels”) are invested into independent winemakers, in exchange for wholesale pricing – typically 40-60% below retail prices. After launching in Britain in 2008, launched its business in the USA and Australia and now has more than 100,000 Angels in the two countries.

They offer a large variety of wines from individual bottles to cases. With such a large selection of wine, you’ll sure to be satisfied. Not a wine drinker yourself? They offer a selection of gift sets, and certificates for the wine collector in your life.

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How to Instant Pot

Master the revolutionary appliance that is changing the way we cook!

The only Instant Pot cookbook that is organized by function, How to Instant Pot is both a guide to understanding the Instant Pot basics and a foodie’s creative collection of over 100 recipes specially crafted to take advantage of the Instant Pot’s many virtues.

Readers can learn how to do simple tricks like cooking perfect risotto in six minutes, no stirring required, to five kinds of yogurt, to creating one-hour killer chili and soups from scratch, using dried beans.

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