Gifts for Foodies

HueTrition HuePets

HuePets 2.0 by HueTrition is a fun and easy way to get the pickiest of eaters to eat vegetables. Simply scan real-life veggies and fruits to feed your HuePet.

Download the HuePets app on your iPhone or Android and start scanning to unlock prizes and raise your pet from a little egg to a HueMaster. Choose your own HuePet to raise, accessorize, earn potions, and much more! 

Parents can track how well your kids are doing as well as set personalized rewards. Also, available on Amazon is an e-book that teaches children fruits and veggies by color in a fun way. 

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INEVIFIT Premium Kitchen Scale

Getting and staying fit has never been easier! INEVIFIT has made it convenient to cook your favorite recipes and portion control your diet by developing their all-new Food Scale.

Now you will be able to quickly get accurate weights for your favorite foods so that you can track your nutrition in seconds. Taking control of your diet is exactly what you need to reach your goals faster and stay motivated for the long run.

The best part is that the kitchen scale will weigh anything up to 13 lbs in 0.04 oz increments. That means you will be able to weigh everything you need to get you closer to the summer body you always wanted faster than ever!

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Dell Cove Spices

Enjoy gourmet popcorn seasoning sets as a delicious treat that women and men who love movies will enjoy –and makes a terrific gift for under $50!

Dell Cove Spices is a small family spice company in Chicago, and hand-mix all of their spice blends, offering more than 25 popcorn seasonings, from Buttery Garlic and Buffalo Wings to Salted Caramel and Iced Gingerbread. Many of their spice blends use only organic seasonings.

Pick their own options of seasonings (to make a custom movie night gift!); or pick pre-set gift boxes – sweet, savory, spicy or most popular set.

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Martha Stewart Wine Co. by Wine Insiders

The collaboration between Martha Stewart and Wine Insiders brings the talents of Martha, the world’s foremost lifestyle expert, to a curated collection of award-winning wines.

Together, Wine Insiders and Martha are doing the work so you don’t have to – identifying and offering high quality, affordable wine delivered to your door. All wines are curated and approved by Martha herself (no joke), and she believes there is a perfect wine for every moment.

Exploring the world of wine should be exciting, affordable, and uncomplicated, so together with Martha all there is left to do is open, drink and enjoy!

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Ever thought about a unique gift of a surprise date night dinner or sending a little sweet treat to someone who is having a rough day? At DoorDash, they’re not just connecting you with meals, they’re connecting you to endless possibilities — easier evenings, happier days and stronger communities.

Ordering with DoorDash is simple and offers a wide variety of culinary options like burgers, sushi, teriyaki, tacos and even fast food! Just put in an order and if it’s you’re first time ordering you can enjoy free delivery fees. Ordering again? Delivery fees varies on the restaurant, but most are under $2! Get your favorite meal delivered right to your doorstep, both mobile and desktop friendly, you can get your tummy satisfied wherever you are!

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Savor Pâtisserie

Savor Pâtisserie is a woman-owned, Dallas-based business specializing in French macarons and macaron baking classes.

Savor has four brick-and-mortar locations across DFW complete with baking classrooms in Dallas, Fort Worth, and McKinney. Nationwide, two-day shipping is available via their website and wholesale partnerships have included Neiman Marcus, Sewell, and Cisco.

Owner and CEO, Kelli Watts, founded the company in 2016 after teaching herself how to bake the equally beautiful and delicious handmade French macarons in her home. To sign up for baking classes or place an online order visit them online.

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Martha & Marley Spoon

Cooking should be a pleasure, and Martha & Marley Spoon know that with full lives and busy schedules, it can be a challenge. To help make weeknights easier and dinners more delicious, Martha & Marley Spoon takes thousands of dishes they’ve created and deliver them right to your door and offer 10 recipes to choose from every week.

They have a wide variety of yummy dinner options, so you’ll always find something for everyone at your table, including kid-friendly dishes, healthy eats, gluten-free recipes, and more!

In addition, they always look at bringing back top-rated dishes so you can cook them again and again.

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Coravin Model One Neon

Inspired by fashion trends and designed exclusively for Neiman Marcus, Coravin Model One Neon is the perfect way for savvy and stylish sippers to enjoy their favorite wine and preserve the rest of the bottle for weeks, months, or even years.

Coravin’s innovative products empower wine lovers to explore the world of wine at any level, with any bottle, at any time. Their award winning Coravin Wine Preservation System enables wine lovers to pour any wine, in any amount, without removing the cork.

Model One includes 2 Coravin Capsules to pour up to 30 glasses of wine.

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Titanium Diamond Nonstick Set 

With a non-stick, scratch-proof titanium diamond-infused surface for superior cooking and cleanup this is the perfect cookware for any foodie in your life.

The high-grade natural mineral coatings over a pressed aluminum inner layer promote high-heat conductivity and even heating; expensive cuts of steaks sear perfectly.

Chefs can work confidently without oil or butter, thereby reducing calories and fat, knowing that their culinary creations won’t burn or become fused to the pan. The pans are oven safe up to 500F, dishwasher safe, and can’t be scratched by metal utensils.

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Squish collapsible kitchen products make today’s storage challenges disappear in one second … flat. Brightly colored, two-toned accents add whimsy and vitality to patented designs, and intelligent features anticipate the needs of the most exacting home chefs.

The collection currently includes an assortment of colanders, mixing bowls, over-the-sink items, and kitchen tools and gadgets. Strategic features like gently curved rims, thoughtfully-placed pour spouts, smooth interiors, generous drainage holes, and bases and handles with non-slip grips ensure that each Squish product performs as well as its non-collapsible counterpart.

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