Gifts for Artists

Cricut Air 2

One of those gifts that keep on giving offers big value with WOW-worthy results. The Cricut Air 2 offers the flexibility to cut a wide range of craft materials and the precision to deliver exactly what you need.

Choose from a hundred different materials to cut – everything from the most popular craft materials like cardstock, vinyl, and iron-on to specialty materials like glittery paper, polished foils, and bonded fabric.

With the Cricut Air 2 you can make everything from a beautiful handcrafted card to personalized toys, wine glasses, makeup pouches to even wood signs!

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Exploring the world of the magical invisible forces of magnetism and gravity, Gravity represents an innovative evolution of the Geomagworld Mechanics line. The “gravity engine” of the new line is able to exploit the weight of the Geomag spheres to trigger the mechanism of Mechanics constructions, without resorting to electric or battery motors. The activity, based on the exploitation of physic principles such as magnetism and gravity.

The Gravity Magnetic Track is an innovative magnetic cannon pushes the steel spheres to test your ability and speed. Keep loading your cannon until your sphere gets caught by a magnetic trap. And on it goes!

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Smart Art Box

Every month get new art ideas delivered right to your doorstep. Each item is hand picked diverse and includes high quality art materials that inspire and nourish creativity.

It’s simple! Just follow the 6 step art project, or just go off and do your own thing!

This is the perfect gift for supplemental education, family bonding, date night or just to blow off some steam at the end of a long day.

Each month get a new box with fun ideas and crafts. So, we say ‘Create, learn, and grow with Smart Art Box!’

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We know you live a busy life and that your time is valuable.

That’s where comes in handy; making custom framing from home easy, affordable and fully custom.

They offer more than 200 picture frame styles, 50+ mat colors and the ability to create any frame size.

Choose the option to have them print and frame your digital images, or you can purchase the picture frame alone if you have your art already.

Start framing your story today from just $32!

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Polaroid Pop

The Pop 2.0 is unlike any other instant camera you’ve experienced before. It makes an awesome gift, It’s great as a portable travel camera, and it’s perfect for use at parties and special events.

Not only does this classic Polaroid camera let you snap and print pictures instantly, you can record full 1080 HD video or a fun gif.

With ZINK Zero Ink Paper technology, there is toner, no film, no shaking this new spin on an old classic is truly instant. You can print and edit photos instantly: we’ve kept the iconic 3.5 x 4.25 inch prints with the classic Polaroid border, but now you can add notes and captions with your finger or emoji’s and shapes on the 4 inch touch screen display before you print.

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The 3Doodler

Discover a whole new way to Create & Fix! Click to extrude heated plastic which hardens rapidly, allowing you to draw in 3D, freehand, or using stencils.

Perfect for both adults, and kids of all ages this is such a fun and easy way to accomplish any project.

Enjoy making art, fix things, design wearable items, build models, and even decorate your space! Now with new Dual Drive Technology.

The latest model of the original 3D pen features improved power, durability, and reliability for an all-round superior Doodling experience.

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Experience the power of gravity with GraviTrax. This interactive track system provides endless activities and challenges for any STEM enthusiast.

Design and build marble race-tracks on your own, or by following the GraviTrax design guides. Experiment with gravity, magnetism, and kinetics to launch your marbles to the finish line.

Bring the race to the next level with expansion packs and action accessories for more features and speed. You can have fun on your own creating builds that you can watch come to life in digital form, or build and test your own track ideas before you create them in real life with the app’s detailed building instruction feature.

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LaurDIY Craft Kits

Introducing LaurDIY craft kits inspired by Lauren riihimaki’s crafty tutorials, life hacks, and room decor ideas on YouTube. Now you can bring her style home with the LaurDIY crystal chandelier kit!

At-home designers fold eight shapes to construct the hanging “crystals”, decorate them with pom poms and beads, then connect the crystals to form an incredible, iridescent, chandelier.

This comprehensive kit includes 8 crystal shapes, 5 hangers, 40 pom poms, 32 iridescent beads, nylon string, a clip and connecting link, and an easy-to-follow guide with step-by-step instructions and images.

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Space Is Cool as Fuck

With a little help from her friends, including everyone’s favorite TV scientist Bill Nye the Science Guy, Kate Howells has taken all the best bits of science and fusing it all together, Space Is Cool as Fuck will be finding a permanent home on living room tables around the world.

Everything you thought you could never understand about the universe is explained in plain-old filthy English, giving you a little taste of the glorious reality you inhabit. More than 50 chapters address subjects including the Big Bang, aliens, black holes, time travel and more. This book features more than 100 wild artworks, photographs and illustrations from 40 international young artists.

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Celebrating over 50 years of audio excellence, Audio-Technica is a recognized leader in the development and manufacture of high-quality personal and professional audio equipment.

Their newest Wireless Over-Ear Headphones, the ATH-M50xBT delivers an exhilarating wireless listening experience with exceptional clarity, articulate, extended bass and smooth, wide frequency response. The ATH-M50xBT utilizes Bluetooth 5.0 and is compatible with aptX and AAC codecs for the best-possible wireless audio reproduction. An internal battery provides up to 40 hours on a full charge, allowing users to enjoy the headphones’ wireless sound without interruption.

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The perfect gift for any designer, collector or gamer, IncrediBuilds has something for everyone on your list! From TV and video game designs to nature and Architecture designs, IncrediBuilds has a large variety of sets for you to build, design and collect.

Some of the items come with a collectible book to go with your model set. The model sets are printed on wood and is easy to assemble and snaps together to form a dynamic, displayable 3D version.

Since we just love Harry Potter, we grabbed the Hogwarts Express model set that came with a 16-page book featuring concept art, unit photography, and other imagery from the films.

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Insight Editions

This wonderful company offers the perfect gift for anyone both young and old who value art. Insight Editions creates illustrated books of distinction that celebrate milestones in entertainment, history, and the arts. These lavishly produced volumes are dedicated to the skillful interplay of word and image. These elegant and informative, books showcase the best of art.

They have such a large collection of books that would make the great gift! From collectible items, kid books to even cookbooks. Insight Editions works hand in hand with many film, television and even comics to provide amazing graphic novels, behind the scenes and pop up books, at prices you’ll love!

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Deluxe Glitter Craft Set

This complete set includes everything you need to start crafting! It includes: a hard shell EVA case, 26 sparkling extra fine glitters, one glitter glue and one brush.

This kit by Creabow Craft offers shiny glitter that adds brilliant sparkle and shimmer to all your projects. You can even use it to glam up your body and nails; your imagination is the limit!

Creabow Craft is a French owned company willing to encourage adults and kids artistic side through fun and various projects.

They are passionate about art & craft DIYs and creativity.

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Creativity has always been at the heart of human development, shaping our thinking and inspiring our imaginations. At Wacom, they are proud to be part of a generation that is creating powerful new tools of connectivity and expression that influence every aspect of the human experience.

They specialize in pen displays, tablets and smartpads that fit every designer needs. Their new Intuos includes Wacom’s pen & touch tablet technology, downloadable creative software and training.

So whether your dream is starting your portfolio or pushing the limits of creativity, Intuos has everything you need to make it happen.

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