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It’s that time of the year again where those special tunes start calling your name and holiday decorations pop up on every corner. And thanks to Universal Pictures you can get into the mood with a little help from their newest rom-com “Last Christmas.”

The most wonderful time of the year is not complete without some good old fashioned family arguments, love, music and laughter. With the help of the film’s couple Kate (Emilia Clarke) and Tom (Henry Golding), you’re sure to get into the holiday spirit.

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The movie kicks off with a sharp start, as it gives the audience an easy idea of who Kate is — a thirty something gal who has a disconnect from her family, can never sit still and makes a bundle of bad decisions.

Working as an elf in a year-round Christmas shop run by Santa (Michelle Yeoh), Kate stumbles upon happy go lucky Tom, and is certain he’s not her type. After immediately turning him down when he asks to spend time with her, she slowly realizes he is exactly what she needs to get her life in order. Their relationship slowly blossoms, but soon Kate finds out they are closer than she thought.

Last Christmas

You’re sure to relate to Kate in Last Christmas as she tries to control her overbearing mother Petra (Emma Thompson), worries about her new romance, and struggles to keep her job. Clarke does a fantastic job playing the careless daughter, and when Thompson gets into character she’ll make you laugh your butt off.

Tom plays your basic too-good-to-be-true gentleman, and will leave the audience anxiously awaiting the film’s late plot twist as London transforms into a Christmas wonderland.

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This film features a soundtrack consisting of tunes by the late George Michael, including the bittersweet holiday classic of the film’s title. Michael was a producer for the project before his untimely passing, and the soundtrack even has some of his previously unreleased material.

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Overall, Last Christmas feels like your ordinary Hallmark feel good Christmas movie that is sure to get holiday songs stuck in your head a little early this year.

Starring a handful of cast members that you’ll love, grab your lady friend and get into the holiday spirit with Last Christmas. In theaters this Thursday, be sure to bring along some tissues and prepare for some laughs, tears and good tunes.

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