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Extended Stay

After several months of planning, the two of us made a long anticipated trek to Los Angeles to see all the things the city had to offer and the trip required us to find a place to stay for almost a week. The options were varied but we went with Extended Stay America and we couldn’t have been more satisfied with our experience. The whole week of our trip involved heavy walking and driving and we knew we needed a place that would accommodate the both of us after long days of touring LA. Extended Stay not only gave us a residence for that duration, it was our home away from home thanks to its above average amenities and spacious rooms.

Extended Stay

Our room was expansive, with a full kitchen included, allowing us to make meals in the comfort of the hotel. It included an oven, full size refrigerator, microwave, toaster, sink, and plenty of cupboard space. Giving us a place to store any extra food we got at restaurants as well as any groceries was a real relief, especially in the heat of southern California. Speaking of the heat, we never had any trouble with the temperature as the room had perfectly functioning air conditioning the whole stay, allowing for comfort day and night when we needed rest.

Extended Stay

The bed was a king, large and soft, and we had great sleep every night we stayed. We weren’t provided housekeeping services, but it wasn’t difficult to keep the room tidy and make the bed ourselves. There was also plenty of room and an extra couch that could have functioned as an extra bed in a pinch. The side of the room included a dresser for storing clothes and a nice desk area for writing postcards or computer work, plus an area with a table with small easy chairs as a good place to relax after a hard day of walking and sightseeing.

Extended Stay

The bathroom had a shower big enough for two, and plenty of towels were provided instead of any housekeeping removing them. It was nice to have an abundance of towels at a hotel for once, and as our heavy walking during the week warranted several showers it was a relief to have them.

The television service was excellent, we could watch all the local channels along with Showtime. The wifi provided was adequate, as we didn’t spend an enormous time in the hotel we didn’t need anything fancy or high speed. However if you’re planning on working on anything requiring internet, you may wish to upgrade to the higher speed internet for $3 a day.

Extended Stay

In the lobby was a complimentary breakfast where we could have simple snacks like muffins, oatmeal, and goodie bars, and coffee and hot chocolate was provided if we needed a quick bite or drink at the beginning of the day.

It’s a great place for short or long stays, small parties or large, and they have locations all across the country, although as the name suggests, a longer stay is recommended if you want a better deal. If you need a place to stay for all ages and all times, look no further than Extended Stay America.

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