Bamboo Sushi

If you’ve never had a dinner with sushi in it because you were afraid to try, this is the venue to dive right in. Bamboo Sushi has locations in four different states Washington, California, Colorado and Portland. Recently this restaurant had a new menu come out and we needed to check it out!

Bamboo Sushi has a handful of lovely locations in Portland. We choose the Portland SE location, which is a cozy little hole in the wall with superb food and great atmosphere. The decor reflects the interior design of a Japanese style cafe, dominated by wood and small tables along with effective mood lighting.

Bamboo Sushi

The menu includes numerous varieties of sushi dishes, including a whole line up of signature rolls including the likes of crab, sweet potato, avocado, spicy tuna, tempura shrimp, and several other fabulous ingredients. Then there’s the Black Garlic Salmon, a fantastic piece of smoked salmon covered in barbecue garlic sauce that delivers its roasted smell with a nice garlic touch.

There are several sushi dishes to wet your appetite and they all exude a vibe of authenticity. The chefs prepare the food in the rear of the restaurant and you can even watch while you wait if you like. But if you’re not into sushi or fish, there are plenty of great Japanese dishes to try. Namely, the fabulous tamago, a delicious omelette of egg and sugar. Or, you can try the cauliflower, coated in black bean sauce and given a spicy, crunchy texture that gives it a delectable taste unlike any other cauliflower I’ve ever tasted. You can even have a hamburger if you like!

We certainly look forward to checking out their other locations including the home in our hometown in Seattle.

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