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Any local of the northwest is already familiar with the typical spots on the ocean they visit in the summer. For anyone wanting to spice it up, Lincoln City is a refreshing change of pace. A quiet community in Oregon, Lincoln City lies right on the Pacific Ocean on the central coast of Oregon and is just a few hours drive from most cities in Washington and Oregon.

Whether you are in the mood for a relaxing getaway or some outdoor time, Lincoln City has got you covered. There are many unique aspects to the town unlike most others on the Oregon coast. For the outdoor types, one of most popular spots is the Devil’s Lake State Recreation Area, which is the only coastal Oregon State park with a campground located in a city. In addition to camping, it offers hiking trails and a breathtaking view. The Roads End State Recreation Site is another fun area to enjoy the coastal views, and features tide pools, islands, and a hidden cove.

For a more educational take there are a handful of historical sites and museums, including the North Lincoln County Historical, the Connie Hansen Garden Conservancy, and Siletz Bay National Wildlife Refuge. The Wildlife Refuge offers over 500 acres of protected coastal and estuary habitat for hiking, kayaking, fishing, and bird watching.

Apart from all the fun you can have while exploring the Oregon coast, all fun must come to an end and a peaceful night’s sleep is a necessity. That’s where A Vista d’Mar comes in. When choosing lodging, I look at three things: 1) affordability, 2) location and 3) quality. This small vacation rental property offers all of those and more.

Located in North Lincoln City, right off of Highway 101 lies A Vista d’Mar. Vista d’Mar means View of the Sea in Spanish and offers exactly that. On a sunny summer weekend on the first week of August we enjoyed a relaxing getaway in their Quarterdeck studio.

Upon entering, you are treated to an apartment that is heavily reminiscent of a cabin aboard a seagoing vessel. The heavy nautical theme is pushed with the wood paneled walls, and marine style decorations of life preservers and ship posters. Of course, you don’t have to look far to see the actual ocean for yourself! We were treated to a balcony overlooking the sea and the view was spectacular, especially at sunset.

The large comfortable king bed sits right next to the screen door, so you can fall asleep to the sounds of the waves. The unit also boasts a full kitchen which includes a cooktop, oven, microwave, and refrigerator. This allowed us great flexibility in our stay, so we could enjoy cooking a homemade meal and save money by eating in. Additionally, portable grills are available upon request, on a first-come, first-serve basics, so you can cook up some hot dogs or burgers while enjoying the view from the comfort of your own patio. Finish your day with some s’mores and a movie.

The room included a tv with cable, and a dvd player, so you can bring and enjoy your favorite movie. In the summer the screen door pushes in fresh air to keep you cool and if you’re visiting in the winter months, there is a fireplace to keep you warm.

All in all, we had a fantastic time. The owner Teresa Reich was super easy to communicate and answered any questions we had. Her manager, Jennifer, does an outstanding job, making sure each guest has the best time possible at the beach.

A Vista d’Mar has it’s own free parking lot for guests and is located just mere minutes away from a mall, restaurants, and of course, the beach. This affordable, roomy and comfortable vacation rental has it all. Mark out a weekend and book them today!

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