2020 Sundance

The 2020 Sundance Film Festival continues into its second day, with more movies and food to satisfy! We had the pleasure of chatting with other festivalgoers about their plans, exploring more of Park City, and even waiting to see our next movie in the snow. As the weather cooled, the movie action heated up!

Here’s what we managed to catch on Day 2 of the festival:

2020 sundance
Courtesy of Sundance Institute.
Come Away

Our first movie of the day was a refreshing change in style from the previous day’s mature themed films. “Come Away” is the first live action project from director Brenda Chapman, who also directed the Pixar hit “Brave” and the DreamWorks Animation film, “The Prince of Egypt.” Her distinct eye for storyboarding and creative visuals continually shows up throughout the picture.

Right from the beginning when the children pretend that sticks are swords or bows and arrows, and a small rowboat is a pirate ship, and they instantly transform into them before your eyes, you know you’re in for a treat.

The movie is a partial fantasy, an inventive alternate take on some of the most famous child characters of all time. Starring David Oyelowo and Angelina Jolie as their parents, Peter (Jordan Nash) and Alice (Keira Chansa) love playing with their brother David. But when he dies in an accident, they have to grapple with the impending forces of time and society forcing them to grow up.

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2020 sundance
Courtesy of Sundance Institute.
La Llorona

Don’t think of the terrible horror movie from last year. Written and directed by Guatemalan filmmaker Jayro Bustamante, “La Llorona” covers a much deeper horror, that of people who commit genocide. A general of the army is taken to court by the indigenous people of Guatemala, accusing him of massacring thousands. He is ultimately acquitted, but protestors hound his family’s home day and night. Most of the help staff quits in protest, and a mysterious indigenous woman appears to replace them. But she may not be all that she says…

The movie is primarily a drama, with elements of horror sprinkled in. La Llorona, or ‘The Weeping Woman,’ is an old Latin American folktale that’s been reinterpreted in movies many times. This rendition gives the premise a fresh look, more of a background to tell a story about a character who cannot acknowledge his terrible past, and his conflicted family surrounding him.

2020 sundance
Photo by Ben Allen
Chefdance Dinner Party

After all that movie watching, it’s always fun to wind the day down with some drinks and food. Chefdance is held every year at the festival, and combines superb meals cooked by celebrity chefs in a prime location in downtown Park City. The venue was split in half, with one occupying a dance club and the other a large dining hall. The atmosphere of mingling with fellow enthusiasts of movies and food was indescribable.

Our Sundance adventure can only get better with the upcoming days, as we’ll have more movies and public get-togethers to report on. Stay tuned for our updates in the coming week.

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