Mazda CX-9

Last December, my mom and sister came down to spend Christmas with me and Andrew. Since we had a few months to plan for their visit, I set up a bunch of fun things for us to do.

First things first, we needed a nice ride! See, I own a small car, and although it does a wonderful job getting Andrew and I from point a to point b, I wasn’t sure how comfy it would be for the four of us and our many adventures planned.

Mazda and their SUV’s have always had a close place in my heart, and their CX models are pretty darn awesome. So when I was reached out to review their new 2019 Mazda CX-9, I knew I had a perfect opportunity that I didn’t want to miss.

Mazda CX-9

The day arrived when my shiny new “Snowflake White Pearl” CX-9 arrived at my doorstep. Ahh, I couldn’t wait to fill this car up with our camping gear and my family. It was going to be great! The first thing I noticed when opening the door was the interior. It featured their Auburn Napaa Leather, which is a gorgeous reddish-brown color. The seats and all the trims highlighted this color throughout the car, making it really pop.

Mazda CX-9

As for features, some of my favorite definitely include the heated seats and entertainment system, but those are just for starters. Some top features include:

  • 8” full-color touch screen display
  • Bose surround sound system
  • Apple CarPlay
  • Push Button Start
  • Active Driving Display
Mazda CX-9

Mazda always gets top ratings when it comes to safety features. Each year it seems they come out with something new, adding improvements to the old models. The CX-9 has all the safety features you could need to keep yourself and loved ones safe.

Besides the basic air bags and seat belts, some of the more extensive highlights include their anti-lock brake system, blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning, front and rear parking sensors and a 360 view camera, in addition to the rear view.

When my family and I traveled from Seattle to Mount Rainier to enjoy the winter snow, I had no doubts when it came to our safety. The CX-9 drives flawlessly in the rain, snow, or sleet, and kept us all warm, cozy and comfortable. Not to mention, stylish!

Mazda CX-9

We stayed at a lovely 2 bedroom cabin right at the entrance to the Mount Rainier park. The Three Bears Cabin looked beautiful covered in snow and was definitely an adventure to remember. Read more here..

Mazda CX-9

If you’re looking for a fun family car that’s easy to drive, and comes without the added bulky feeling, the Mazda CX-9 may very well be the car for you. Find your local Mazda dealer today to schedule a test drive.

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