Ohh.. The joys of cleaning. I actually enjoy a clean home. I’ll admit, I like things to be in order. It maybe that I have a little bit of an OCD disorder. Regardless of what it maybe, let’s just say I’m a clean freak. So when I heard about Zep Commercial products, I was one of the first people in line to grab one to try.

‘Zep Commercial offers a complete line of cleaning and drain care products that deliver professional results. Whether you are a Pro, or simply want to Clean Like A Pro™, you’ll be able to clean with confidence and have pride in the results,’ Zep Commercial states in their about section of their website.

One of the products I was able to try was Zep All-Around Oxi. Oh man, this product is so amazing, it can clean nearly anything you challenge it on. I had this nasty arm stain, black with mold on my microfiber couch. I could not wait to get rid of it! I tried using many cleaners, steamers, you name it, nothing worked. I was so annoyed, and it just wouldn’t stop being an eye sore.

When I got the All-Around Oxi spray that was the first place I tested it. I knew if anything, this might be the key, and if anything, why not try.

I followed the directions on the bottle: spray on area, wait 3 minutes, wipe.

I sprayed, waited and wiped.

To my surprise, the stain actually got lighter. I could see the dirt and mold being lifted from the fabric. ‘Wow.. this is unreal,’ I thought to myself.

But, I wanted the stain gone! I didn’t want the eye sore to be there any longer. Especially with the holiday season on the way, the parties, the guests … I couldn’t imagine it being there.

So one more time, I gave the stain one more go at it. Waited about 5 minutes this time and “wipe.” The stain was gone.

I could not believe my eyes.

After everything I tried, this small spray worked.

I continued cleaning the rest of the chair, wine stains, juice spills, oil spots. All gone!

‘Is this spray magic or what?’

Since having this product I have cleaned the counters, carpet, chairs, shower and more.

I have a new obsession and it’s Zep!

Try it today and see what magic it can work for you.

Info: http://www.zepcommercial.com/

*** I received this product complimentary from Crowdtap and Zep Commercial to test and review.


Written and managed by Chloe and Andrew of Seattle.

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