DLC I Livestream

Yesterday, video game aficionados – future Hall of Famer Randy Moss and Pittsburgh Steelers star rookie JuJu Smith-Schuster – hosted a Call of Duty: WWII Resistance DLC 1 livestream event in Minneapolis.

Randy and Juju were joined by Twitch Streamer/YouTuber Joseph Alminawi aka Swiftor in a livestream event that kicked off at 1:30pm CST.

During the stream both Randy and Juju showed off the skills they’ve honed over many years playing Call of Duty, and discussed how it helps them connect with family, friends and fans off the field.

You can check it out here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/224674932

The Resistance DLC Pack is now available for PS4 and you can find more information here.

** Our Call of Duty review:

Call of Duty WWII: Keeps It New, Fun & Satisfying

The franchise of multimillion selling fame gets back to its roots with a return to the battlefields of the Second World War. And boy, what a refreshing turn it is to play a Call of Duty in its natural habitat of 1940’s Europe! You almost forget how much fun it is to shoot Nazis when you neglect it for a decade.

Not only is this new installment a breath of fresh air after the genre of the modern warfare shooter being beaten into the ground since 2007, but we’ve never seen a World War II era shooter on the modern consoles. Until now, that is!

This game looks glorious on the Playstation 4, and probably even better on the Playstation 4 Pro. The details of the soldiers guns, uniforms, and the environments is so rich you’ll start to think you’re watching a film when the cutscenes are rolling. There’s even a real movie star in there, Josh Duhamel!

The game offers a great campaign full of fun new environments to explore through and period accurate submachine guns that take you back appropriately to the time, and the atmosphere of these older battlefields and styles of war is a welcome change of pace compared to previous entries in the series. Continue reading… 

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