Celebration starts with family!

The makers of Lalaloopsy, Bratz and more, MGA Entertainment brings you a new fashion doll line inspired by Latin cultures that’ll bring joy and adventure to your home.

Vi and Va Dolls helps give children the imagination through friendship and family.

Keep reading to hear how to be entered to win a free Vi and Va doll!

12Viviana ‘Vi’ and Valentina ‘Va’ along with their cousins, Felicia and Roxxi makes every day a celebration.

Whether it be rocking out on the guitar or painting a picture, these girls got the party on speed dial!

Each doll has it’s own unique style, gift and personality, making it enjoyable for your youngster to create a wide imagination of fun adventures for these four friends.

My 8-year-old had a blast playing with these dolls.

When she got the 1st doll she was excited and tried to open it right away. Then when she saw there were two, she got even happier, said they were “sisters.” When the 3rd doll came out, her jaw dropped and when she saw there were four, she was ecstatic and speechless.

She then took a good look at them and muttered.. “They are bigger than my normal Barbies.. I like it, it makes them look real and not so ‘skinny’ and ‘fake.”

She was so right, and you know what.. it is what makes these dolls stand out and extra beautiful. The curves, the ‘real-ness’ of them.

She put the boxes down and chose her favorite one first.. “I’ll open Roxxi! Look at her pants!”43

I was overjoyed to see her to excitement.

Once all of the boxes were open, she wanted to start their first adventure.

She grabbed them and took them into her room. One by one brushing their hair, making each and every doll look camera-ready as she brushed with patience and elegance.

“Now we shall go swim!” she exclaimed.

Every day is a new adventure. Whether it be swimming, drawing, watching TV or taking over ‘Barbie’s Dream House’ these girls have a busy schedule.

The fun and creativeness is endless. The magic is ongoing.

Each night she takes the dolls and puts them nicely on her dresser and says goodnight.

I’m used to her being excited and playful with her other dolls, but these girls got something special on her.

She got a new favorite toy, Vi and Va Dolls.

Purchase your little one this great collection and bring a smile that’ll warm your heart, just as it did mine.

Girls can even dress up and join the fun with role play and styling accessories.

A full assortment of Vi and Va Dolls and accessories are also available for purchase at Target. Retail value $16.99.

MGAE believes that ethnic diversity is critically important to a healthy community. A Latin family is a major consumer of dolls and toys which they are proud to serve with their innovative products.

Win a FREE Vi and Va ‘Styling Head Doll’!

Vi and Va Styling Head Doll Vivana

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Written and managed by Chloe and Andrew of Seattle.


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