Many of us travel for the holidays but unfortunately, we are unable to take our pets. This is not only hard on us, because they are part of the family, but it is hard on them because they miss their owners and just don’t understand. Petzi has an answer to help with that issue.

Introducing the Petzi Treat Cam! This innovative product helps you be there for your pet, when you can’t be. The item simply mounts on to the wall and plugs in. Fill it with treats that are less than 1″ in size. Once that is done, you will want to download the app on your device. This is compatible with ios and Android. The app itself takes no more than a minute or two to download. Once downloaded, connect it to your WiFi and you’re all set.



So what does this do exactly? It allows you to be able to see and communicate with your pet as well as give them treats while you are away. This is perfect to not only ease your worries as a pet parent, but to help comfort your pet as well. You can access these features anywhere and anytime, so this is the perfect item to have when you are away. This can be used for cats and dogs.

My pet has a little social anxiety, so when I leave, this leads to him feeling lonely and meowing around the house causing trouble. I can’t say that I don’t blame him. No one likes to be home alone. When I introduced this to him, he couldn’t really figure out where I was at. When he seen the treats, he came running. This eventually led for him to be less destructive when I wasn’t there, so in my opinion, it was a huge win.


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Written and managed by Chloe and Andrew of Seattle.

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