In Disney’s “Tomorrowland” George Clooney (Frank), Britt Robertson (Casey) and Raffey Cassidy (Athena) tells the story about a future place ‘Tomorrowland’ that is everyones paradise.

However, paradise always comes at a price.

With realization and concern that this ‘paradise’ would become nothing more than the Earth they lived in, they stopped the project and closed the gates. Life on Earth became scary and they didn’t want to risk destroying Tomorrowland.

Though, some still had faith on survival. Frank, Casey and Athena stood up for what they believed in and fought to make Tomorrowland a safe place for the chosen ones.

The fear of Earth becoming dust from global warning, nuclear bombing and war, made it a battle getting others to agree to change their mind and reopen the gates.

With the teamwork and motivation from Frank, Casey and Athena, they changed the course of history and not only saved Earth, but saved TomorrowLand.

Disney’s “Tomorrowland” really got me thinking about our Earth and how it really isn’t getting any better. It shed light on huge controversial topics. Disney did an excellent job not only sharing the story of teamwork, imagination and sacrifice, but also opened the minds to many on caring for the Earth and making it a better place.

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    What a great review! I am so into movies in this genre, will definitely make it Friday night movie night!

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