The name Universal is very fitting for a park with the variety of things they have to offer. The whole spectrum of great entertainment franchises is covered in their rides, attractions, and characters. The vast amounts of memorable franchises that have found their stories and settings replicated faithfully in one park is quite impressive both on the engineering scale, and a basic perspective of fun for the paying customer.

Upon entering Universal Studios, you are treated to a ‘red carpet’ feel anchored by the famous gates of the studio and several people dressed as some of Universal’s most famous figures, like Frankenstein’s monster, Dracula, Doc Brown from Back to the Future, and even Spongebob.

The Harry Potter world alone is an environment of perfect transportation to Scotland where the fabled Hogwarts castle is located. Without actually leaving Hollywood, you are there in a quaint British village inhabited by wizards. The castle itself is recreated wonderfully with a semi-sized facade, housing the excellent motion control/simulation ride, ‘Forbidden Journey.’ Even next door is the fun (though brief) roller coaster ride ‘Flight of the Hippogriff,’ complete with a beautiful recreation of Hagrid’s hut from the films.

Universal StudiosIn another corner is a wonderful setup of Springfield, the town from the massively famous Simpsons animated television show. You can step into Moe’s Tavern, saddle up to the Duff Beer factory to have a pint, and of course, ride the Simpsons ride.

The studio tour is a great extra kick for any fan of film. The tram takes visitors through many outdoor sets from a multitude of famous movies, such as Whoville from ‘The Grinch,’ the Bates Motel and house from ‘Psycho,’ the crashed plane and destroyed houses from ‘War of the Worlds,’ and even the set from the original ‘Jaws.’ The studio tour really gives you a back door look at all of the magic behind Universal Studios.


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They recently added Universal Studios as a package under the Los Angeles, Hollywood experiences. We got the Front of Line passes for Universal Studios and it helped make our day a lot easier. Especially during the busy season this pass can make your life so much easier.

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Written and managed by Chloe and Andrew of Seattle.

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