The love of Campbell’s.
Ever since I was a child I have always been a fan of Campbell’s.
The soups, sauces. It was something that I grew up with. Several times a week, we’d have something of Campbell’s on the dinner table.

As I grew older, so did the brand.
Expanding its horizons and creating new and better products. The selection of products has expanded and is still a family favorite.
Growing up with the Italian tradition, I always enjoyed the taste of pasta.
Alfredo, marinara, garlic, cheese. I enjoyed mixing up the sauce to add my person touches. Adding meats, spices, vegetables. Making the sauce the best.
Through the years, I’d experimented other brands. Yet, Campbell’s remained a favorite.
Not only for the familiar taste that my taste buds grew to love, but for the convenience, simplicity, variety and prices.
Campbell’s has expanded and new products are being thought of every day.
Some of the products I have tried and fell in love with are:
Campbell’s slow kettle style roasted chicken noodle soup- this product is a must have. When I am sick Campbell’s chicken noodle has always been a go to. Now, I make sure I always have the slow cooked soup handy. It comes in a convenient container and tastes just like homemade soup. It is juicy, thick and doesn’t taste anything like a soup that has been preserved. No one would guess that it’s a premade soup and not one that was cooked fresh from starch the night before. The spices are just right, vegetables taste fresh and noodles and just the right texture.
Campbell’s skillet sauces- can you say delicious? I am, and a thousand times more. This is the easiest, most simple dinner trick and my family and I love it. I always have these stocked in my cabinet for those nights that I just don’t have the energy or time to cook. It gives my family a dinner that everyone loves and requires very minimal work, yet provides very happy tummies. The sauce is just the right consistency, thickness is perfect and flavor is right on.
Campbell’s Prego sauce- one of my favorites for many years. The only spaghetti sauce I use. It has such amazing flavors with and added with just the right amount of spices and garnishes. There is a wide selection of flavors also.
Campbell’s Spaghetti O’s- when I was a child my mother always used to have spaghetti o’s ready for me everyday after school. She knew it was my favorite. As an adult it grew onto my children and become a favorite of theirs. I remember how much I loved the sauce and the little o’s were so juicy and yummy. It makes a perfect lunch or dinner for those hungry kids of yours or even a great basic adult dinner.

As you see, Campbell’s has a wide selection of products that we use everyday.
Join me and try one of Campbell’s products today.
Visit Campbell’s website and find a wide selection of recipes I recommend you to try.

These products were given to me for free for review purposes. The review is my own honest personal opinion.


Written and managed by Chloe and Andrew of Seattle.


  1. Jeni Bryant Reply

    Mmmm Campbell’s is my go-to soup whenever I’m feeling sick or cold! 🙂

  2. I’m like you, I grew up on Campbell’s and still love them today. I recently tried their Skillet Sauces and they are fabulous especially the Chicken Marsala – it is definitely Mmm Mmm Good 🙂

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