I am so excited that Disney’s The BFG is now playing in theatres everywhere! This is the first time that Steven Spielberg has directed for Disney and it’s an amazing and magical film that must be seen on the big screen!

Check out and print the “Gobblefunk” glossary so you and your kids can have fun learning The BFG’s language!


 “Disney Legacy” Featurette

“Brave Sophie” Featurette

“The BFG Visits Buckingham Palace” Film Clip

“Trying To Catch A Phizzwizard” Film Clip

 The BFG
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  1. Derrick Johnson Reply

    The reviews have been positive,can’t wait to see this with my family!

  2. This looks like a really family, friendly movie. I cannot wait to see this with the grandkids.

  3. I I am surprised and sad that this one is doing poorly at the box office because I keep hearing great things about it. Sad when you consider how many mediocre movies break records.

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