Beatles LOVE
Lights, camera, action.
We are just a few days away from taking part in something that is very special to us. A few months ago my boyfriend and I decided to visit Las Vegas. A first trip for him but a third for me. Las Vegas has always seemed like a different world, and I believe most people feel that way – especially when it comes to the Strip. Las Vegas has its pleasures, its pros and its cons. Moreover, one thing for sure is that the shows in Vegas can’t come close to anywhere else.
About 10 years ago, I remember seeing my first show in Vegas with my family, it was my first time to the state and being underage there wasn’t much to do, so this show was a highlight. Ever since I’ve wanted to go back and sit in the audience and see the magic happen from my seat, and in two short days, I will.
Beatles LOVE
Cirque du Soleil is a Canadian entertainment company and is the largest theatrical producers in the world. Cirque du Soleil is known for many of their productions all over the world, but many of their more known productions take home in Las Vegas, such as: Michael Jackson ONE, Zumanity, KA and our most anticipated production, The Beatles LOVE.
The Beatles has always been an icon in my life as long as I can remember. As I grew older my passion and interest in their music grew stronger. Of course, with new artists hitting top lists, it pushed former popular bands to the side – especially for the new generations, and being a teenage with a passion for The Beatles in the early 2000s was probably rare. But when I heard their music, I knew that there wasn’t anything like it.
The Beatles has an authenticity about them and even after their breakup they still managed to keep the passion alive. Regardless that the bands highlight was mostly in the 1960’s, their memorabilia, songs and loyal fans still swear of this band today. That’s why above all, we are most looking forward to this adventure.
Beatles LOVE
John, Paul, George and Ringo. As The Beatles, they changed the world. LOVE, Cirque du Soleil’s interpretation of their legacy, has changed entertainment, says the Mirage website about the LOVE show.
Beyond tribute, the LOVE show this is a physical manifestation of the Beatles music and lyrics. Using the master tapes from Abbey Road Studios, Sir George Martin and his son Giles created the three-time Grammy-winning soundtrack. These songs, so well-known and yet reinvented, are brought to electric, exuberant life by some of the best aerialists, acrobats and dancers in the world.
The Beatles LOVE show has won many awards, such as a grammy for Best Compilation Soundtrack Album and has been featured as Best Show on Las Vegas Review Journal for over 5 years.
LOVE is sure to get your heart racing, feet tapping and your vocals wanting to make beautiful music. Let the countdown continue as we await our Sunday performance of Cirque du Soleil, The Beatles LOVE production live in Las Vegas.
You could say.. All we need is LOVE.

Written and managed by Chloe and Andrew of Seattle.

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