“It’s been the best summer ever!”

What a great way to celebrate the end of summer by bringing together a group of friends, enjoying pizza, pool party, cookies, dancing and of course, JAMMING OUT to the new “Teen Beach 2″ soundtrack ! 

With smiles and laughter, these girls had a blast and I must say, so did the adults.

With the sun shinning bright and joy filling the hearts of these youngsters, everyone had fun singing and dancing to the tunes.

First we started the party by watching the movie, “Teen Beach 2.” Everyone was so excited to watch it! The girls gathered around the TV and enjoyed learning the songs and memorizing the dance moves, that they were about to try after the movie. Eating some pizza and drinking iced tea out of “Teen Beach 2” themed plates, it couldn’t be better.

girlstableWhen the movie was over, everyone was humming the songs and couldn’t wait to cool off in the pool! One jump, SPLASH! Two jump, SPLASH! With “Teen Beach 2” colored floaters and their Hawaiian leis, they enjoyed singing along to the “Teen Beach 2” soundtrack and playing in the sun.

After their skins started to prune, the girls came out of the pool and we made a little dance skit! Everyone formed in a line and then ran to the side, started dancing and doing cartwheels, just like in the movie. They then took their adventure into the trampoline where water madness and jumping occurred. Boy.. were these kids having a blast or what?! Plus, the whole neighborhood must have memorized the CD, since it’s been playing blasting for 6 hours straight on repeat.

Once the girls came in they put on their tattoos, ate some cookies and then posed by the “Teen Beach 2” movie poster for a photo.

“I feel like I’m FAMOUS!!” one girl chuckled when getting her picture taken.

Needless to say, the girls had a blast. Some even say it was the BEST PARTY EVER! They were even more thrilled when I told them they had goodies in the house. Each guest went home with a ‘Save the Beach’ bracelet, Hawaiian lei, tattoo sheet and a “Teen Beach 2” soundtrack — which of course, was their favorite, by far! But the most important thing that each child went home with was a memory, that this day would forever be a special day in their hearts. Plus, how many children can say Walt Disney Records threw them a PARTY? They were pretty happy about that as well.

As the day rolled to an end and the sun began to set, the girls went home one by one. Each leaving with their goodie bag in one hand and a big hug awaiting in the other. They had a blast and throughout all of it, I’d say I had a pretty amazing day too.


now for the Giveaway!

One lucky winner will receive a party pack filled with everything they’ll need to throw a “Teen Beach 2” Listening Party, an $80 value! Enter below, giveaway is open to US residents only and prize fulfillment is courtesy of Walt Disney Records.
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A fantastical music- and dance-driven story designed for kids, tweens and families, “Teen Beach 2” picks up at the close of summer. With surf season over and school back in session, laid-back Brady and studious Mack’s relationship is headed for a wipeout when they receive a surprise real-world visit from their 1960s silver screen friends, Lela and Tanner, who have remarkably departed “Wet Side Story,” quickly followed by their 1960s bikers and surfer friends led by Butchy, Cheechee and Seacat.  Knowing first-hand that the “real” world and the movie world don’t mix, Mack, Brady and all of the “Wet Side Story” friends must quickly devise a plan and use the magic of Lela’s necklace to get everyone back to their movie world before it’s too late.

Teen Beach Movie track list follows:

  1. “Best Summer Ever” Ross Lynch, Maia Mitchell, Garrett Clayton, Grace Phipps, John DeLuca, Jordan Fisher and Chrissie Fit
  2. “On My Own” Ross Lynch
  3. “Right Where I Wanna Be” Garrett Clayton and Grace Phipps
  4. “Falling for Ya” Jordan Fisher and Chrissie Fit
  5. “Wanna Be With You” Jordan Fisher
  6. “Twist Your Frown Upside Down” Ross Lynch, Maia Mitchell, Garrett Clayton and Grace Phipps
  7. “Silver Screen” Ross Lynch and Maia Mitchell
  8. “Rescue Me” Sabrina Carpenter
  9. “Gotta Be Me” Ross Lynch, Maia Mitchell, Garrett Clayton, Grace Phipps, John DeLuca and Jordan Fisher
  10. “Meant to Be (Reprise 3)” Ross Lynch, Maia Mitchell, Garrett Clayton and Grace Phipps
  11. “That’s How We Do” Ross Lynch, Maia Mitchell, Garrett Clayton, Grace Phipps, John DeLuca and Jordan Fisher
  12. “Starting Over” R5
  13. “On My Own” (Radio Version) Ross Lynch
  14. “Best Summer Ever” (Instrumental Only)
  15. “Gotta Be Me” (Instrumental Only)

Additional bonus content includes 3 instructional Dance-Along videos with the  “Teen Beach 2” choreographer available exclusively on the physical CD (internet connection required).

The “Teen Beach Movie” soundtrack will be available wherever music is sold.



Written and managed by Chloe and Andrew of Seattle.


  1. That looks like an Party!!! As soon as we were done reading your great review my kids made sure we signed up for the Giveaway!! They are now crossing all their fingers and every toe in hopes of having their own Disney party! Wish us luck!!!!!! ?

  2. Stephanie Keeping Reply

    What a great giveaway. My niece really loved Teen Beach!

  3. Dawn Monroe Reply

    We had a great summer. We are hopefully going on a road trip before school starts. I cant believe it starts in 2 weeks. Bummer!

  4. rachel jenkins Reply

    Our plans this summer was to enjoy being a family and spend more time together and less on electronics!

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