A big MAHALO from me to you!


First off, let me start by thanking you.. Yes you, my readers, for always being loyal and helping me build my site to where it has become today. Without the support of my readers, I wouldn’t have to motivation to continue to build the site Reviews by Clo has become. And it still have a long way to grow. Next, thank you to my blogger friends who have helped me get to where I am. Without you, I’d be cruising at the beach (which sounds nice), LOL but I prefer to be blogging. I found my true passion and joy.

So, without further ado, I’d like to announce my 2015 Summer Spectacular Giveaway.

One lucky winner will win a prize pack that consists of:
Fire Kindle HD 6
Transformers Blueray DVD 3-pack
Sumbum SPF 30
Sumbum Beach Spray
Purell pump
Escape body wash
Mango tea
Tazo passion tea

This awesome giveaway will begin Friday, May 22 and end Tuesday, June 23.

Due to shipping costs, I will have to limit winner to be USA residents only. I truly apologize, as I know I have a lot of Canadian readers. May be I’ll have a giveaway for you another time!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Giveaway requirements: To be eligible to win, you must enter the giveaway using the Rafflecopter widget. Winning odds depends on the amount of entries and more daily entries greater the chance of winning. A purchase will not increase your chances of winning. This giveaway is only open to United States residents. Giveaway ends June 23, 2015 and winner will be contacted soon after. If a week passes and winner does not respond with a mean of mailing address, another winner will be chosen.


Written and managed by Chloe and Andrew of Seattle.


  1. Stacy Renee Reply

    I’m an avid reader so the Kindle would get TONS of use! I live in Florida so the SunBum would be a nearly every day use, too!

  2. If I won, I would keep some and give a few items to my brother for his birthday in July. Thank you!!

  3. This is a great giveaway! If I won I would give part of it to my niece who is getting married in July.

  4. I would definitely keep the kindle! I think I might spread the love to my family with the other goodies. 🙂

    • slkissinger Reply

      Thanks for the chance! I’d probably keep everything but the kindle! 😛 I’d gift the kindle to my brother for his birthday in July.

  5. Great prize I think I’d keep everything but the kindle.the kindle would be for my grandson lots of cool grandma points for that

  6. Karen Beckett Reply

    I would keep some & share the rest with my son & my daughter and her husband.

  7. I have the very first Amazon Kindle and its been great but now appears to sputtering out.. very sad. This giveaway looks awesome!

  8. Nicole Dziedzic Reply

    I would take the goodies and head out to the beach to do some relaxing in the sun, while enjoying my tea, Kindle, and Sun Bum Products.

  9. If I won I would give the kindle to my mom so she can read books and watch Netflix. I would share the rest of the items with my family.

  10. Kim Hampton Reply

    If I won, I would keep some of the products and share some with my family.

  11. Linda Bradshaw Reply

    If I won, I would keep everything but the Kindle. My sister has a lot of mental issues and does not leave the house. I would give to her so she would have something to do.

  12. Coco Knight Reply

    We are a Beach loving family. I would enjoy all the awesome goodies, especially the sunscreen at the beach. Love the tea. Would love to gift the Kindle to my brother. He deserves one. Thank you for the opportunity.

  13. Hargow Wong Reply

    I’ll give the prize away as gift to my friends and family.

  14. I would give them to my husband and children! They would love all the products!

  15. lissa crane Reply

    I would love to share the with my four children and since there are so many, I would probably share with my sisters too!

  16. If I won I would keep the kindle , I would love to have one, the transformer DVD will go to my nephews.

  17. I would take it all with me to florida if I won. I’m so ready for vacation and having transformers and sun protection stuff would make a great vaca!!

  18. First of all, I would take a shower using the Escape body wash to clean my body of the Sumbum SPF 30 Lotion OR the Sumbum Beach Spray, I used while doing yard work outside. Then I would make some of that delicious tea & popcorn, light a candle & relax while learning how to use my new Fire Kindle HD 6!! And If my grandkids are staying over that day, I would pop in the Transformers DVDs (maybe share my popcorn) & still finish relaxing on that fine winning summer day!!

  19. I would keep the Kindle for myself…I could really use it! The Transformers DVD would go to my youngest son and the rest would be for our whole family to enjoy.

  20. Stephanie Keeping Reply

    I would love to win this giveaway. Lots of great products!

  21. I would share this prize with my parents 🙂 thank you for the giveaway!

  22. Jenn Miller Reply

    If I won these products I would take them all on vacation with me when we go to the beach this summer : )

  23. nichole dowell Reply

    I would love to win. I would share my winnings with family!

  24. Awesome giveaway☺
    If I won, I would keep the Kindle so I can making it habit to read more. For the other prizes I would share with my household.

  25. I would share the prizes with my family. I would like the Kindle and my son would like the Transformers movies.

  26. I would share everything between certain family members. It is such a great prize pack that it seems there is something for everyone in my family!

  27. I would use these products to make this summer amazingly fun and delicious.

  28. If I won I would give the Kindle to my teenage daughter, she spends most of her spare time reading so it would be perfect! Then the rest I would share with my family. 🙂 fingers crossed!

  29. crystal gibson Reply

    There is something for everyone in the family. My daughter would love the Kindle and we all could have an awesome movie night.

  30. My daughter is a senior in college. She has an older version of iPad that she uses for her “reading time” and would LOVE a new Kindle so a Kindle Fire would be awesome!

  31. sheri anderson Reply

    I would share these awesome items with my family and friends, thanks!

  32. I would give my grandmother the Kindle because she loves to read and buys a lot of paper books. And the other items I would share with other family members.

  33. Diane Rogalski Reply

    definetly share with family on second thought I would really like the Kindle!!

  34. amy tolley Reply

    this would be used by myself and my family there are many great items in this great win…

  35. How awesome! I would definitely share all of this with my Nana. I would also go to the pool! I would use the Kindle there and relax!

  36. I’d give the first two away as gifts, then share the rest as we party on the beach!

  37. I would give the Kindle to my hubby so that he will stop stealing mine. The DVD would go to my kids. The rest of the stuff would all be for me

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