Sugar Factory

If your sweet tooth is kicking and you’re looking for not only a unique dining opportunity but something delicious and perfect for the whole family — then head over the Sugar Factory.

The Sugar Factory is something out of this world and I am tickled that I’ve discovered something so delicious.

This eatery is not your average sweet shop. It specializes in goblets that are served with a generous amount of alcohol. However, what makes these goblet drinks special are they are infused with sweet candy flavor and served with lollipops, chocolate, candies and more. The most interesting thing about this drink isn’t the candy. The drink mixture has a special ingredient that allows the goblet to overflow in a dry ice cessation making it pretty appealing to the eye and the mouth.

Sugar Factory

Apparently, according to images posted online and in the eatery, many celebrities have tried the Sugar Factory and help with promotion.

I’ll admit, when I first heard about this new eatery opening in Bellevue, Washington I was a bit hesitant that the drinks and sweets would be the only thing good and that the food would not be anything special. However, I was greatly mistaken.

The Sugar Factory’s menu boasts something for everyone. From soups and salads to steak and lobster. So, to get a true feeling for the restaurant, we tried out a wide selection of menu items and each did not disappoint.

We started our night with the watermelon basil goblet and the peanut butter and chocolate martini. The goblet was sweet but not too sweet, and had a very delightful watermelon basil taste. The goblet was topped with 3 watermelon gummy candies. The peanut butter and chocolate martini tasted almost like if Hershey’s chocolate was infused with liquor. The glass was designed with a peanut butter rim and chocolate swirls along the inside of the glass. It was very chocolaty and sweet, so it is perfect to hit that sweet tooth.

Sugar Factory

For appetizers, we got the caesar salad and rainbow sliders. My favorite thing about the rainbow sliders is it truly is ‘rainbow’ sliders. These mini hamburger buns are baked with food coloring to create beautifully miniature buns. The buns are then topped with lettuce, pickles, tomato, fried onions, beef burger and housemade sauce. These were definitely scrumptious, visually appealing and were a great way to start our meal.

Next came our dinner entrees, I ordered the chicken parmesan which was rigatoni pasta smothered in a hearty marinara sauce. This sauce had a very unique kick to it and I loved it. It was topped with a big piece of chicken that was fried to perfection and layered with cheese.  My boyfriend ordered their steak and lobster, which he was very impressed by. The plate included asparagus, mashed potatoes, a decent sized thick steak and a nice medium sized lobster. The steak was perfectly cooked and very tender. The lobster was supple and flavorful. There was definitely more than plenty packed on the plate, so leftovers were a must.

Sugar Factory

To top off our delicious meal, we ordered the milk chocolate fondue, which included strawberries, gummy bears, marshmallows, brownie bites and bananas to dip in. The chocolate was perfect and warm. It was the best way to end such a romantic evening.

One of the best parts of the restaurant was probably its authenticity. I haven’t been to an eatery quite like it. The service, food, drinks and even prices were very reasonable and appealing. The ambiance was decorated beautifully and fit the feel of the restaurant perfectly. I do plan to be back soon and to mark it as a top restaurant in my book.

The Sugar Factory truly doesn’t disappoint and has much more than meets the eye.

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Written and managed by Chloe and Andrew of Seattle.

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