Bio Seaweed Gel

Tired of chipped nail polish? Do you find it necessary to hide your hands from others because your polish is messy looking? No need to be embarrassed about your home manicures any longer because you can have professional salon-looking nails like I do. Ever since I started using Bio Seaweed Gel, my nails look fab. I get compliments right and left. My secret is the Unity All-in-one gel polish.

I love how you can apply the Unity All-in-one gel polish on my natural nails and artificial nails and best of all it lasts for 14 days. From melon coral to mocha to pink-a-boo, they have over 130 colors to choose from. There is a color for any occasion and every

I used to go through the hassle of needing four separate bottles whenever I needed to change my nail color. There was the base coat, the color, the top coat and a strengthener. No longer! With the BioSeaweedGel Unity polish, I only need the one bottle. It does it all with one swipe of their brush.

Bio Seaweed Gel

Unity’s unique formula lasts for 14 days which saves me time. Being I strive for non-abrasive products in my beauty regime, I’m thrilled Unity All-in-one gel polish doesn’t have Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP, BHA or solvents.

Being a gel polish junkie, I like reporting that it only takes five minutes to soak off Unity All-in-one gel polish. Since I believe the way a woman’s nails look says a lot about how she cares for her overall health and look, I am really pleased Unity All-in-one gel polish doesn’t stain my nails. It doesn’t weaken them either.

My only advice for ideal application is: Try to apply on a sunny day because Unity All-in-one gel polish dries to the touch, but it seems to cure best with natural sunlight. Living in Hawaii, it’s a natural for me to step outside on a sunny day after application and look simply stunning with my newly-polished nails.

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Written and managed by Chloe and Andrew of Seattle.

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