With the holidays here, it means there will be plenty of delicious food on the table. I mean who can turn down some of those recipes that have been passed down generation from generation? With all that delicious food, leads to some weight gain, whether any of us like it or not. Then before we know it, New Years is here and many of us make that resolution to lose weight and get into shape.

Getting into shape can be overwhelming for many of us. With so many different diet fads out there and all the technology, it is hard to truly know what works and what doesn’t. Of course everyone is different, but I found something I thought my readers would love to know about. Introducing the iHealth Core Weight. The iHealth Core Weight is a wireless fitness scale that offers cutting- edge technology. Ergonomically designed on the outside, plus the most advanced technology on the inside, makes for the smartest scale you will ever see. It can tell you different characteristics about your body composition such as weight, body fat %, lean mass, body water, and more using the four metal sensors on the scale.

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So how does this work? Pretty simple actually. You just simply download the iHealth My Vitals app. This can be found on ios and Android. Once that is finished, hook up the WiFi. Once that is finished, set a weight goal with a timeline and the app will help guide you.

When I first used this, I found it to be easy to understand and use. It did indeed offer a lot of information. Some, was more than I thought I needed to know until I read further, and it turns out, it is indeed good information to have. The app for me seemed like a little cheer coach. It really made me aware of things and guided me to be more health conscious. I showed this to a few friends and they already want one. This is styled to look modern and goes with any decor.

So, if you are looking for a fantastic item to help you with those New Year’s Resolutions, consider the iHealth Core Wireless Body Composition Scale!

This product is available to purchase online or at Apple, Best Buy and Walgreens.

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