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Spring only comes once a year and once spring passes there will be summer and so forth. That’s why when spring is in the air we like to make the best of it.

Living in Hawaii we don’t have to worry too much about the spring storms such as our cousins do in Colorado and Washington. Spring is the time in Hawaii where the sun is hot and the air is cool. We can enjoy the pool days, beach days, barbecues, family activities and a pretty wicked spring break. That’s why at family activities, we need to make sure we have everything to keep not only the adults, but also the kids happy.

This spring we decided to take a mini roadtrip and we needed something to keep the kids entertained in the car for those hours. Crayola has an amazing Star Wars travel sets for boys and an adorable Frozen set for girls. They were wildly entertained and didn’t bother one bit, beside to show us their drawings.

Once we got to our destination the kids are already in high bloom and we had some great pictures for our refrigerator. But once we got there we also needed to be sure we kept them entertained. And Crayola isn’t just for crayons anymore! They have some amazing chalk products that are out of this world if you ask me.

We recently received a variety of products to check out and our little ones were jumping for joy when they opened the box. The new 3D chalk works amazing and it is not only fun for the kids, it is also fun for the adults. Let your child or yourself create a 3D chalk drawing and then use the glasses to see the results it’s like something I’ve never seen before and it’s super fun and cool.

The neon colored chalk is another new addition and creates a really nice pop color art that stands out and photograph very well. Forget the regular chalk colors and grab a box of the neon ones too make chalk drawing a little more fun.

One of my personal favorites products that we got was the glitter chalk. Glitter chalk makes everything better a little glitter here and a little glitter there will make your artwork better than ever.

Crayola has everything you need and more to make your family outings fun, yet simple. The kids will have a ball and you will be happy to know that there is no real cleanup. If you are able to leave the chalk on your driveway then just let it sit until it rains out or just use a water hose to remove the chalk.

We truly enjoyed these cool new products from Crayola and are amazed at what this company that’s been around for hundreds of years has accomplished. Next time you’re at a store that sells Crayola products stop by to check out these out!

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Written and managed by Chloe and Andrew of Seattle.

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