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Ouch.. the swelling in your eye is getting worse and your eye is just getting pinker and pinker. What do you do? Life has to go on.

To solve painful and icky problems, there is an easy solution. The PinkEye Relief Eye Drops from The Relief Products uses only 100% natural active ingredients, it has no known side effects and can be used easily with other medications. The best part of all, these drops can be purchased online or at your local department store, such as Wal-Mart, Target, CVS, Rite Aid and Kroger. No need to wait for a doctor visit or prescription.

Pink eye is a infection in your eye that is mostly known to be due to an inflammation of the outer layer of the eye. It can make your eye look pink or red and can cause burning, swelling, crusting, grittiness and redness. Pink eye can occur in adults, but mainly strikes children. That’s why PinkEye Relief drops can be used for ages 2 and up.

PinkEye Relief Eye Drops are all natural as I said before. It includes 5 specific active ingredients:

  • Aconite — for inflammation and redness for your sore, tired, and over-worked eyes.
  • Apis— for red, burning, swollen eyes that feel better with cold applications.
  • Argentum Nitricum— for red, swollen eyes with puss-like discharge and splintering pains.
  • Euphrasia— for pink eyes with watery tears that burn the face and may become a thick discharge. Despite the production of watery tears, the individual may complain of a dry, gritty sensation in the eyes.
  • Natrum Arsenicicum— for pink eyes with crusting, grittiness and/or overnight yellow green discharge and itchy eyes that may accompany or immediately follow a cold. The eyelids tend to stick together, and symptoms generally improve with cold compresses too.

To use the drops, it’s very simple. Simply gently squeeze 1-3 drops in the irritated eye several times per day as needed. It is recommended to use the product within 30 days of opening. If you feel your symptoms are getting worse, lasting longer than 72 hours or if you have any pain or vision issues please contact your doctor immediately.

Something that is very special about this product to me is that it was voted winner of the 2017 Women’s Choice Award. Being apart of the Women’s Choice Award panel it hits home that this product won. It shows that this product was voted top among the women voters.

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