Trusted since its introduction in 1940, Nair has always been known for its expertise in hair removal. In the beginning, there was a single-formula, single-scent depilatory lotion. Today, there are multiple options and forms to choose from—for both women and men. As the #1 Hair Removal Brand in the U.S., Nair continues to innovate and expand by bringing the world hair removal options “Like Never Before.”

Over the years Nair has become a hair removal product people have learned to not only love but trust. And this year, Nair celebrated it’s 75th birthday. Happy 75th Birthday Nair!

Nair recently announced the extension of the Moroccan Argan Oil line with three new products. Moroccan Argan Oil has been used for centuries and is known to help moisturize skin through its replenishing nutrient-rich and restorative qualities, which also help support the health and beauty of skin.

The extension of the Nair Moroccan Argan Oil line includes:

  • Nair Glides Away Moroccan Argan Oil provides a no-touch application in a convenient delivery system for use on bikini, arms and under arms, effective even on coarse hair.
  • Nair Ultimate Roll-On Wax for Face Moroccan Argan Oil offers salon strength results to remove very short hair and is formulated to be water rinseable. The specially-formulated resin wax heats with boiled water for precise application on facial hair through its contour tip. Lasts up to 8 weeks.
  • Nair Precision Kit for Face & Upper Lip Moroccan Argan Oil is a depilatory offering an easy and precise application with its contour applicator tip. The unique two-step process offers long lasting results and the moisturizer rebalances and soothes skin.

Inspired by the beauty rituals of Morocco, the Nair Moroccan Argan Oil line of hair removal depilatories and waxes contain 100% natural argan oil from Morocco known to be ultra-moisturizing, nutrient-rich and restorative to help support the health and beauty of skin. As always, before using any of our products, please read and follow the labeling directions, including cautions and warnings.

  • Nair is the only at-home hair removal brand to feature Moroccan Argan Oil
  • Each formula is infused with Orange Blossom, known to soothe and hydrate the skin

Nair Glides Away Moroccan Argan Oil

3.3 oz Roll-On Stick, SRP $6.60

  • Depilatory for the bikini, arms and under arms.

  • Convenient deodorant-like canister allows for no-touch application.

  • An even layer is applied to targeted areas and removed with a damp washcloth.

  • Max strength, effective even on coarse hair.

  • Results last days longer than shaving.

Nair Ultimate Roll-On Wax For Face Moroccan Argan Oil

0.52 oz Roll-On Wax Tube, 1 Precision Stick, 20 Reusable Cloth Strips, SRP $8.99

  • Breakthrough wax technology offers salon strength results removing even very short hair and is formulated to be water rinsable so it washes clean.

  • The specially-formulated resin wax heats with boiled water* and delivers easy and precise wax application on facial hair through its contour tip.

  • Roll-on applicator features a custom-designed rippled wheel that enables the wax to be applied in a continuous, even layer.

  • Smoothness lasts up to 8 weeks**

Nair Precision Kit For Face & Upper Lip Moroccan Argan Oil

0.69 oz Hair Remover Cream, 0.50 oz Moisturizer, SRP $6.75

  • Depilatory thoroughly removes hair from face and upper lip.
  • Precise hands-free application with contour applicator tip removes all visible hair.
  • Specially formulated rebalancing moisturizer soothes and rebalances skin following hair removal.
  • Unique two-step process offers long lasting results.

Nair is a great company and provides  trusted products that can give you smooth, hairless skin in a matter of minutes.

Detailed instructions for each product can be found on the links above.

When using these products I noticed that my hair took a little bit longer to regrow. My legs remained soft, smooth and moist for up to 8 weeks. I didn’t have any drying out or rash which other hair remover products had given me in the past.

Nair is a company that I have learned to love and trust. Ever since I was a teenager Nair has been my favorite and most convenient way to get a quick and easy shave. My favorite thing about this product is there is no need to struggle shaving and dealing with razor burn. I also love how it is so cost efficient, I no longer need to spend $10+ on a razor and then shaving creme. Nair does it all!

Disclosure: I received product(s) for free, in exchange for an honest review. I only recommend products or services I used personally, and believe will be good fit for consumers.


Written and managed by Chloe and Andrew of Seattle.

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