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Savor the taste of Christmas

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The holidays can be a bit stressful — that’s why if you enjoy your occasional mixed drink. This one is for you!

I love how easy it is to make and the Peppermint Twist can be found pretty much anywhere alcohol can be purchased. We must’ve seen it at 3 stores before we grabbed a bottle. It’s also reasonably priced, around $10-15.

This drink has just the perfect flavor and is now one of my favorite holiday drinks!

So, toast up this Christmas with what I call, “A True Christmas Twist.”

A True Christmas Twist

Two shots of Smirnoff Peppermint Twist

Fresh Basil leaves

Candy Cane to garnish

Ginger Ale

Ice Cubes

Add a few ice cubes to your glass and break about 3 pieces of basil in the glass. Pour two shots of Peppermint Twist, top off with Ginger Ale. Add Candy Cane garnish.




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