Need a smell pick me upper?

Went for a jog but now back to work?

Use Reviver!

Took a smoke break and heading into a meeting?

Use Reviver!

The newest odor eliminating product that works magic in second and best thing it only cost a couple of dollars!

Reviver Clothing Swipes is a brand new, revolutionary invention for your clothing.

Simply stick the small pocket size strip in your purse, desk, bag or pocket and when you feel your clothes need a little boost just swipe!

Swipes are reusable and can be used for virtually any occasion.
 It’s safe, non-toxic and made in the USA.

They have all different types of swipes for: unisex, smokers
, men
, women
, dogs
, cats
, pet parents.

I tested the smokers swipe on my father who smokes. I have always hated the smell of smoke when someone takes a smoke break and then comes back into the house. (Yuck!)

I handed him the swipe and he wiped it on his upper part of his shirt and chest area.
Instantly I smelt relief. No one even knew he went to take a smoke break.

This product is amazing and like no other.
I can’t wait to try the ones for pets!

Packs cost $9.99 for a 3 pack of one type or try a sample pack of 4.


For more information contact:

Kusin & Kusin

(800) 240-4990

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Written and managed by Chloe and Andrew of Seattle.


  1. This is truly genius!! Thank you so much for sharing this, I go for walks on my lunch and have this issue when I return to work!! Thanks again for sharing!

  2. This sounds amazing! My hubby is a smoker and I know that stinky smell when they come in after having a ciggy is horrible. I think this is something I’m gonna need to try. Great review!

  3. Jeni Bryant Reply

    Very smart!!! I’m definitely telling my sister about this! Thanks so much!

  4. This sounds like a great product, but smokers should just stop smoking loll and although it sounds like a nice product, its probably not something I would use,, but smokers would..

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