Need a smell pick me upper?

Went for a jog but now back to work?

Use Reviver!

Took a smoke break and heading into a meeting?

Use Reviver!

The newest odor eliminating product that works magic in second and best thing it only cost a couple of dollars!

Reviver Clothing Swipes is a brand new, revolutionary invention for your clothing.

Simply stick the small pocket size strip in your purse, desk, bag or pocket and when you feel your clothes need a little boost just swipe!

Swipes are reusable and can be used for virtually any occasion.
 It’s safe, non-toxic and made in the USA.

They have all different types of swipes for: unisex, smokers
, men
, women
, dogs
, cats
, pet parents.

I tested the smokers swipe on my father who smokes. I have always hated the smell of smoke when someone takes a smoke break and then comes back into the house. (Yuck!)

I handed him the swipe and he wiped it on his upper part of his shirt and chest area.
Instantly I smelt relief. No one even knew he went to take a smoke break.

This product is amazing and like no other.
I can’t wait to try the ones for pets!

Packs cost $9.99 for a 3 pack of one type or try a sample pack of 4.


For more information contact:

Kusin & Kusin

(800) 240-4990

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