I love a good smelling home. The only problem with that is sometimes, what I use can be too strong and it can bother my sinuses. Often when that happens, I find myself with one heck of a headache and then I am miserable. ​Sometimes, this has left me to not use fragrances in my home. I have looked and found very few things that I can use which kind of left me bummed out.

Renuzit is a company that understands my woes. They offer a new line called “Sensitive Scents.” These scents are light and airy and not overwhelming to me at all. I was offered the opportunity to give them a try and I was seriously excited about this.

Offering three different scents with this line, Renuzit offers some variety for the consumer. The scents in this line are the following: White Pear and Lavender, Pure Ocean Breeze, and Water Blossom and Cucumber. The scents are not only invigorating but unique as well. There are a variety of options to get these scents in such as spray, oil plug ins, and the cones we have all come to love. These items are offered at an affordable cost as well, which is absolutely wonderful.

I used these in my home and the scent was fantastic. I wasn’t left with a headache from the overwhelming scent which was a breath of fresh air. I had guests over last week and they also complimented me on the scent in my home. When I shared with them what it was, they were pleasantly surprised. They had no idea about this line until I introduced them.

These can be found at any major retailer, but hurry up because once the word gets out on these, they are going to fly off the shelves.


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Written and managed by Chloe and Andrew of Seattle.

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