PlaSmart PlasmaBike

I’m so excited to announce that some awesome bloggers put together this PlaSmart PlasmaBike giveaway! This bike is valued at $79.99 and is perfect for kids.

About the bike:

PlaSmart PlasmaBike. A fun ride that develops balance, coordination and motor skills No batteries, gears or pedals… just a fun, encouraging and progressive start to bicycle riding. Its unique design encourages balance, coordination and motor skill development while offering a fun ride.

Children as young as 18 months can enjoy the freedom of riding without the added complication of training wheels or anxiety of having to hold their balance too long, too early. Unlike most balance bikes, wide wheels assist children in keeping PlasmaBike upright in a stopped or stationary position, giving children added confidence and promoting self-esteem.

The wide wheels and limited steering range enhance balancing capabilities and provide a smoother transition to a conventional 2 wheel ride. Weighing less than 8 lbs, it’s lightweight and transports easily to playgrounds or when the kid power tuckers out! 55-lb. capacity.

PlaSmart PlasmaBike

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Written and managed by Chloe and Andrew of Seattle.

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