Do you have a hard time getting your kids excited about lunch or dinner time? If so, I have a great recipe that is perfect for kids and adults. Plus, it’s affordable, quick and uses only a few dishes. Sounds good right?


Pillsbury Sloppy Joe’s!

What you need

2 cans of Manwich, Pillsbury Grands Original, Sliced cheese and 2 lbs hamburger


Brown the hamburger


Put hamburger in a large bowl


Add 2 cans of Manwich


Open Pillsbury biscuits – you should have 8 biscuits,
gently create a pocket from halving each biscuit


Add about a spoon and a half in each biscuit andΒ add cheese
– close biscuit carefully by pressing edges to seal


Place biscuits about 2 inches from each other on greased or linedΒ baking sheet
Cook for 15 minutes on 350 degrees
Serve and enjoy!


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Have you made this for your family? What do you think of it?



Written and managed by Chloe and Andrew of Seattle.


  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) Reply

    What a great idea! I loved sloppy joe’s growing up, but forgot all about them. I should make them for my boys!

  2. These look DELICIOUS and SUPER easy to make! Thanks so much for this idea – I like making stuff from scratch, so this should be fun!

  3. Elizabeth O. Reply

    That looks really yummy! And easy to do too! Thanks for sharing the recipe, I’d love to do this some time soon.

  4. Sloppy Joes are one of the things I make the grandkids that they will eat seconds of. I’ll have to try making them with your recipe next time so I’m not making them the same way each time..

  5. I love how easy this would be to make. The best part is I bet it’s pretty yummy and perfect for the whole family.

  6. Ohh i love this looks delicious and it is easy to make i would love to give it a try

  7. would you believe I’ve never had a sloppy joe? these look good for lunch with a side salad or fruit. And yes, so easy!

  8. I love anything made with Pillsbury. I will be buying more Grands this week. Thanks, I copied the recipe.

  9. I’m pretty much the worst cook ever. I need easy and these look yummy AND easy! Thanks for sharing! I’m definitely going to be making these soon.

  10. Francisca Ramos Reply

    This is a nice idea. I like the thought of using the Pillsbury muffins, adding ground beef and Sloppy Joe to make a quick and easy lunch or snack. Thanks for the idea:)

  11. Looks yummy, like something my family would definitely find yummy. And not too hard to make either. Seems like a great cold night food too. Thanks for the recipe. Pinning now. πŸ™‚

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