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When it comes to pets I love them! Dogs, cats you name it, but one of my things that make being a pet owner so hard is staines and messes.

Having 3 cats and one puppy in the house is not easy. We often come home with the house smelling like urine and it isn’t very pleasant. After a long day of work the last thing I want to do is come home and have to deal with a mess. Plus having friends over is a no-go as the house always seems to smell like urine. I guess it’s the way of the game when it comes to pets but there is definitely something you can do about it to make your life a whole lot easier.

Many companies have a variety of products to make being a pet parent less stressful and more fun in the end. We live in an older studio house that is carpeted. And as we said before we are often gone for long hours and are unable to take the dog out. So when we were sent a pet clean up kit we were very excited! The clean up kit included: 

  • Out! pads
  • Simple Solution Stain & Odor Remover
  • Stain & Odor e-book (see below)
  • Bags on Board Fashion Dispenser and Refill Bags


We have been depending a lot on our puppy pads from Out! and they work great! At first I was a bit concerned that our pup wasn’t going to recognize that the puppy pads work the place he needed to use the bathroom but he picked up on it quite quickly. What we did was when we cleaned up one of his messes we put the puppy pad in the area and put a small white washcloth that had the urine smell on the pad to help him find his spot. He immediately picked up on the smell and used the pad. We keep the pad in the same area daily and he hasn’t messed in other areas around the house besides once since we’ve been putting on the pads. As he is getting older he is also learning to wait till we come home either during our lunch break or after work to let him out.

As with the cats they are another story. Having three cats we need to have at least two litter boxes and notice that even after we clean the litter box it’s still has a urine smell lingering in the area. We realized it was coming from the carpet. What happens is when the cat gets out of the litter box there wet paws hit the carpet area and create that smell. We’ve tried using different things to help the urine go on the mat instead of the carpet and that has seem to work very well.


But as you know once the urine smell is there and once a stain is there that needs to be resolved. That’s when Simple Solutions cleaners came in. I have used over a handful of different brands from different stores and they either worked partially or the smell came back quickly. So I was a bit hesitant to even expect any results. I followed the directions at the back of the bottle and the results were amazing. I never expected to have results such as quickly and long lasting.

The first thing my fiancée said when he came home was if I was using a new air freshener because he instantly said that the room smelt cleaner. We actually even had a friend come over for dinner last week and I was super happy to find out that she didn’t smell any urine. Plus the stain is gone and as long as we leave the mat in place we should be good!

As I said being these pet owners is not easy but what we get out of it is worth it. For our cats spoil them with toys, climbers, scratchers and treats. For our pup, we make sure he gets a lot of exercise. Whether we take him out before we head to work or after we get home we make sure he enjoys his daily walk around the block. And as you know walks around the block with your dog often leads to poop.

We have strict signs that say pick up your dog messes because we ran into a problem a few years ago where pet owners were not picking up their messes. So the signs help those pet owners who may not immediately think “hey, I should pick up the poop.” For us we always used to carry around a plastic bag that we used to get with our groceries. It worked fine until the grocery stores banned plastic bags. We then had to go and purchase smaller bags that were more expensive and didn’t work that great.


Then we spotted Bags on Board bags for dogs. It comes with a super cute design and container to latch on to your leash. It makes walking our dog much more fun and less stressful knowing that we can easily just grab and go rather than needing to make sure we have the proper bags to pick up the poop.

With these products it makes being pet parents much easier and much more enjoyable. We have been able to spend more time enjoying and playing with our pets rather than stressing over the stains and having to clean up the mess. Coming home to a stain-free, odor-free house is important and also crucial to our health. That’s why if you have a pet stain problems you should probably work on it immediately. Because as we know it just becomes worse.

I also am really excited to share this free e-book for you to learn tips to getting out pet stains and odors. It really had helped us and the book is super easy to read and viewable in just one click! 

We hope these pet products help give you more time to enjoy being a pet parent. Check out this site for some fun information about being a pet parent.


Disclosure: I received product(s) for free, in exchange for an honest review. I only recommend products or services I used personally, and believe will be good fit for consumers.



Written and managed by Chloe and Andrew of Seattle.

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