Baby Dory

Finding Dory.. Disney has done it again.

This family movie is a MUST SEE and has topped box offices everywhere. In the first weekend Finding Dory breaks US box office record. What a hit!

It’s a movie that everyone is talking about, even the adults.

Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) leads you on a journey to find her parents. This wide-eyed, blue tang fish reconnects with many familiar faces from Finding Nemo and teaches the true lesson behind family, friends and trust.

Baby Dory

Check out this brand new clip that takes you back in time to meet the a-Dory-ble Baby Dory!

Disney’s Finding Dory is now playing in theaters everywhere!

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  1. Wanda Bergman Reply

    Cute little Dory! We haven’t seen this movie yet, but would love to.

  2. The clip was super cute. I can see why kids everywhere adore Dory. The colors are so vibrant I love seeing them bright like that.

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